My Daughter, My Inspiration essay

Every other weekend I’m at work. In between all of that, I’m a mother. This is my schedule most of the week. My routine can be stressful. But this particular day, I enjoyed. I enjoyed it because my daughter made me think of something different. I woke up, bug-eyed, to my alarm clock ringing and tinning, of course I don’t want to move. I was just awakened from an adventurous dream, by this man- made item.

The coolness of my bed, softness of my feathered pillows, and my odd was stretched out on my firm king mattress. My daughter lying next to me snoring sound asleep. Her lips were puckered, as if she was waiting for a kiss. At the moment, I felt wonderful. Unfortunately, this was the short part of my day. I had to get going. I dropped my daughter off at daycare. I had forty minutes to clock-in at work and thirty minutes to get there. I thought of that, as time to myself. Driving along, I had a clear view of the sun rising into the dull morning sky.

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Casting sun beams throughout my car. Steam coming from my homemade cup of Colombian coffee, drenched with French vanilla creamer with two teaspoons of sugar. I had indulge in the moment, concentrating on the strong but sweet taste of my coffee and the beautiful view upon me. My batteries were charged for a twelve hour shift. That night, after successfully completing my work day, I had made it home safely. It was time to unwind. Had cooked my daughters favorite dish, spaghetti and string beans.

My house was cleaned with an overly sweet scent f an apple cider Yankee Candle burning by the fireplace. My daughter belly was full as she was snoring softly after had read “I love you through and through”. It was the end of my day, once again. I had time to myself. Only this time was a little different. I had turned my television off along with my cell phone, which was placed on charger. As I laid next to my daughter, staring at her beautiful face, I thought about our future. Thoughts of, what wanted to accomplish in the next couple of years.

Things that would benefit us both. I wanted a better life for us. It was in that moment, I knew that I had to go back to school. I wanted to become a Nurse. Throughout my day, I had time to myself. Even though I enjoyed the feeling of my bed, the taste of my coffee. That was nothing compared to looking at my daughter, Keels, and wanting a better life for her. Have a child that’s depending on me, her mom. So, here I am! Enrolled at Faulkner Community College majoring in Nursing. This is going to be great.

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