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My classes are mostly aimed at health science majors, and I strive to incorporate traditional and innovative teaching methods. I have used a variety of teaching methods such at the “flipped classroom” concept, as well as, more traditional methods such as discussions, lectures, debates, group activities and occasional fieldtrips. Within these many teaching styles, I work hard to place the student at the center of the learning process; to emphasize independent thinking; and to encourage them to take responsibility for their learning experience.

My aim is to foster creative, mindful, interactive experiences for students by creating an engaging and open learning environment where they feel comfortable enough to participate without fear of judgement. I work hard to create an environment in which respectful discussions are encouraged. Even with larger classes, I strive to be interactive and offer opportunities for each type of learning style.

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I am a believer in the importance of engaged discussion and participation and I will do whatever it takes to get students involved. The most rewarding aspect is witnessing students making new connections for the first time and getting excited about out discussion topics. Fortunately, nutrition is a subject that students can relate to. As noted in student evaluations, students connect and actually report how this class has impacted their personal lives.


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