My to visit many hospitals in Cairo

My decision to pursue acareer in engineering is mainly due to the fact that the world future concernsmainly will be about energy. Growing up in a developing country makes me realizea glimpse of some of the concerns and problems that we may have in the future aboutall aspects of energy, despite the great potential we have.

        So, I wanted to specialize in allsubjects of energy engineering and started to take steps in building myknowledge. I enrolled in mechanical engineering department in Cairo Universityand studied a group of inspiring subjects in thermo-fluid science, and energyrelated topics like power plants, combustion processes, machines, Airconditioning and renewable energy sources. In my graduation project, I started to study energy in buildings and wehad to visit many hospitals in Cairo to study energy management system in thewhole building. In my MSc thesis, I worked with gas turbines and now drafting amanuscript reporting our findings about gas turbines blade cooling for journalsubmission.

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So, I decided to make my next step in PhD continue in the samepath.        I think research topics of  DR MIROSLAVA KAVGIC perfectly suits my strongdesire to specialize in energy engineering field and will give me a wealth ofexperience that can help me make a great contribution in utilizing our greatpotential in my country.        I believe traveling abroad is an excellentopportunity for me to broaden my horizon, enrich my culture, work in a highdiversity environment and enhance my engineering knowledge.My teamwork, self-management, organization, time managementskills and the ability to learn new things will enable me to add value to youruniversity as much as the benefit I will gain.         I am very aware of the outstandingreputation of your university, and my conversations with several of your graduateshave served to deepen my interest to work in your research groups.

I know that,in addition to your excellent faculty, your research facilities are among thebest in the country. I hope you will give me the privilege of continuing mystudies at your fine institution. Itwill be my honor to work with you


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