My project named as “Highly Efficient Smart

My name is Numan Ahmed and by writing this letter Iwould like to present myself as a candidate for Master of Science in the fieldof “Electrical Engineering”. I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in the fieldof Electrical Engineering from University of Management & Technology,Lahore, Pakistan and gained 3.34 CGPA out of 4 with the virtue of hard work& being punctual.

 With my commendable efforts, My academic performancehas been always on excellent level and it can reflect my dedication andsincerity towards studies. I always tried to discover how the things around meworked. I have always tried to show eagerness and acute interest in my subsistingand new subject matter.

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As a student of engineering, I have tried to developeffective problem solving skills and strong hands-on abilities. I wish toexpand my technical as well as theoretical knowledge in the field of electricalengineering. I believe that to win glory, there is no other way but to applyyour utmost effort.

Science is not an easy field, science is a journey and itis to be enjoyed.  As my consciousness of different concepts of electricalengineering grew my zeal understand them in superior detail heightened. Thefaculty in my university provided me full assistance and support. Myundergraduate subjects have given me with a solid foundation of the fundamentalPrincipals of electrical engineering.

The curriculum of the BS ElectricalEngineering consists of the blend of “Technical” as well as “Creative” courses.Technical subjects such as High Voltage Engineering, Control Systems,Communication systems, Optoelectronics, Modern Microprocessor Systems, Digitaland Power Electronics, Electronic System Design gave me a great insight regardingtechnical work and also provided admirable ground works for advanced study. Andthen I was able to make my final year project named as “Highly Efficient SmartIrrigation System Using Data Logging” with the group of three members in whichI was made the group leader. Therefore, I would like to continue my academiccareer by pursuing a master degree in the field of Electrical Engineering. My first priority is my studies and I always trying tomake the most of the time for studies. But I actively involved in manyco-curricular activities because a healthy mind generates healthy ideas. I wasthe member of the university cricket team. I am socially active and humble person and veryfriendly nature.

I often approach people with positive mind and attitude andalways trying to helpful to others with honest efforts and true dedication. Ialways try to meet the peoples belonging to different background and cultures.Coming from another country to work in a completely new surrounding and cultureis one of the most unique experiences a person can get in a lifetime. There are several beneficial factors to apply for a masterprogram in foreign universities due to extraordinary standard of education,which is not possible in an under-developing country like “Pakistan”.

Furthermore,it will be a perfect opportunity to meet and understand different people aroundthe world with different cultures, traditions & races, which woulddefinitely groom my interpersonal skills and proficiencies. Last but not least,the research opportunities, which is almost negligible in an underdevelopedcountry such as Pakistan. I would like to continue my studies in order to gainknowledge and experiences by academic research and I believe a master degreeprogramme in electrical engineering would offer me the possibility of receivingthe complete picture of all aspects of this field. The reason for choosing thisspecific master programme comes from the fact in the near future I would liketo get more things regarding for example wide-range applications ofElectronics. I already got some ideas in my head, but unfortunately until now Idid not have the right knowledge and the right tools for putting them inpractice and that is why I know that this master programme would be anexcellent starting point for me. Also if I will get selected for this programmeI will have the opportunity to learn from the best and the fact that I willstudy in an international environment will gave me the privilege to create newrelationships with people from several countries and areas. Studying abroad allows you to become a part of thesociety of the country you choose. It gives you opportunities to go on fieldtrips, visit big companies, and study with the best professors.

Hungary is thecountry who promoting their higher education in every possible manner withoutdistinction of race, gender and religion. Hungary has one of Europe’s most inclusivequality education system and a very good status in all over the world.  I feel that master study at Hungarian universities isthe best type of further educational this juncture because of the flexibility incorporatedin its learning system, its infrastructure and the intense interaction with theindustry and exposure to the latest technology. The well-competent andexperienced faculty, exceptional research work, excellent laboratory facilitiesand the motivation given to students would provide me a perfect stand forachieving my goals. Students who have completed their studies in topuniversities from abroad are very successful in finding jobs in Pakistan in highlevel companies and paid well or even in build-up newly business.

Also Pakistanreally needs foreign qualified persons and their skills for its progress.  Studying in Hungary will also assist me to developskills like creative ideas, being able to work on my own project and strong collaborationand communication skills. I want to learn how to work together within differentcultures to enhance my interpersonal skills.

Master studies here will give meexposure to the technological advances and hence bring me closer to my finalgoals. Additionally, As scholarship is one of the ways toovercome the financial needs and complete the studies. Therefore, I would liketo introduce my candidacy for scholarship. In the end, I would like to request you to grant methis prestigious opportunity to complete master of science in electricalengineering. I assure you that you will find me a very result oriented andhardworking student. I firmly believe that I will fulfill all the credentialsand would be able to uphold high standards and integrity of my country atglobal level.

I hope that you will acknowledge my interests and will give mechance to study in a quality institution. I am looking forward to pursue mynew career. Sincerely,Perspective Master student,


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