My data cleaning and derive insights from BI

My affinity for software and data analytics started with my experience at Accenture.

As Test Engineer Analyst, I was responsible for data analysis, validating high-volume of data, data cleaning and derive insights from BI reports after undergoing training on Accenture Insights platform for Analytics application. It also helped me to increase my proficiency in SQL and HIVE. I enjoyed the work because it required lot of problem solving and number juggling, reconciliation of data. Soon, I started analyzing how Google and Facebook harvest the data. Unknowingly this was fueling my desire and became my passion.

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Fascinated with the usage of data from our own digital foot prints, I co-founded xxxx a bootstrap startup. My first attempt of data analysis as a co-founder was to identify key market area.Following data-driven strategy, we achieved 300% year on year growth. By using funnel analytics, we created up-sales on bestselling products.

We used Google Adwords and Analytics combined with my own analysis to identify Indian Diaspora in US as valuable market segment and targeted them with Google Ads. We enhanced mobile user experience and performance by implementing accelerated mobile pages after observing that 70% of traffic come through mobile devices.However, the more I learned, the more I leaned towards a formal education. I started to understand, management decisions can be backed up with solid analytical facts about the data and that I need further academic preparation to become a leader in the industry.

At this point, I am 100 percent sure that business analysis is the way to go and harnessing data is the key to success.


I'm Gerard!

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