Essay written by Marlo Morgan, which is a

Essay title: Mutant Message Down Under

Mutant Message Down Under is a great book written by Marlo Morgan, which is a fictional account of an American woman’s adventure in Australia. The story begins when she is called upon to attend an Aboriginal meeting, and is told to give up all of her belongings. Without her consent, she is forced to go on a 1400 mile long trek through the Australian desert as a spiritual test. Over the next several months though, she learns all about the Aborigines and their 50,000 year old culture, and experiences a dramatic personal transformation.

The story is mainly about the Aborigines, and about the problems they were facing in this world. After living in Australia for thousands of years, immigrants began inhabiting their land and rejected the Aborigine natives from their new societies. In the book, Marlow stated, “There was only one thing about the country I did not enjoy. It appeared to me the original people of the land, the dark-skinned natives called Aborigines, were still experiencing discrimination.” The story also talked about how the natives were not appreciating the destruction that the human race was doing to the earth. In the end, the Aborigines decided to put an end to their race, and send Marlow with their message.

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She was told to tell everyone that all living things, whether they are plants, animals, or humans, are all equally the same, and that they still have a chance to save the world if they realized this message. One of the tribal leaders spoke their final message to the Divine Oneness, saying, “We pray they will stop.

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