Music Player: Product Promotional Messages essay

We need Micron, Samsung, Toshiba and Assai Glass to make the screen and body for the pod touch. Well will contact the electronic department to get the memory, battery, and all the other needed things to complete it. The reason way why I’m selecting to communicate through this channel which is electronic, is because that’s how everyone is communicating now in days now a days and we as a company need to capitalize on the chances that’s given to us. Emailing letters’ by hand to mail is a faded out?

Thing to do these days and we are targeting teens so this is the right way to do so. Email me back I will wait on your feedback. You’re Your Employee, part 2 My Consumer, Aren’t you sick and tired of have a music player with nothing else to do sides playing music on the player? Aren’t you tired of wanting to have I all the music you like on a music player but you can’t because there’s not enough space? Then there’s only one item to get all that and more, and that item’s name is the pod.

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You can browse the web and take and save pictures like you would do with a computer. We range from different styles like Anna, classic, and my favorite the pod touch. The spaces on them range from 8 KGB to 128 KGB. If you order online you Will get a free pod case and beats headphones for free, only if you order by Friday so do so now! The colors that are Available are red, dark blue, light blue, black, white, sliver, and pink. You can check out the prices at move. Pod. Com. The channel I am using to communicate with you and all my other consumers is electronic. Most of our buyers are doing to be from ages 18-40 so using the internet is a great way to communicate with them now? Most of you kids use the computers to do everything on now so I know you will see this message.

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