Multiple of sight ?If the setup of LI-FI

Multiple users Through one lamp many user connect internet with high speed.

On highways cars have led lights on back and front they can communicate with each other through light to avoid accident.Millions of street light can be free data access points. Low power LI-FI consume less electricity. Used in more fields LI-FI is used in more fields such as follow:?In hospital some machinery does not have capacity to accept signals like city scan.?In tunles and mines where signals does not access but light is every where.?In aeroplane ?Millions of street light is used everywhere?Under waterChallenges of LI-FI?Expensive?Difficult to install?Requires line of sight?If the setup of LI-FI is set outdoor you have to deal with the changing of weather.?If the setup of LI-FI is set indoor one would not be able to shift receiver.?We depend on light for internet access.?Market immature?Lack of awareness.

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