Oedipus all things- those which can be taught

Oedipus RexMLA- Sophocles. Oedipus the King. New York: Pocket Books, 20051. Oedipus, page 5-“The city is filled with the smoke of burning incense, with hymns to the healing god, with laments for the dead.”Commentary- Oedipus wants to know why the citizens of Thebes are praying to the gods for health and healing. This connects to setting because it explains how Thebes looks at the moment. It also connects to mood because it shows how the citizens are feeling towards the sickness.2.

Oedipus, page 16- “But now I am in command. I hold the office Laius once held the wife who was once his is now mine, the mother of my children.”Commentary- Oedipus is explaining that he is now the king of Thebes and how he overtook Laius, the previous king.This connects to character because it shows Oedipus’s occupation and his current wife. It also connects to theme because it shows that Oedipus is a king of an ancient city and that his wife used to be the wife of Laius.3.

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Chorus Leader, page 17- “I did not kill Laius and I am not in a position to say who did. This search to find the murderer should have been undertaken by Apollo who sent the message which began it.”Commentary- The chorus leader is stating his opinion of how he thinks Apollo should search for the murderer of Laius. This connects to plot because it explains the mission to find the murderer of Laius. This also connects to tone because it shows how some of the citizens feel about the search to find out more about Laius’s death.4. Oedipus, page 18- “Tiresias, you who understand all things- those which can be taught and those which may not be mentioned, things in the heavens and things which walk the earth!”Commentary- Oedipus is explaining how the famous prophet of Thebes, Tiresias is a great interpreter of the strange plague gripping the city.

This connects to character because it shows how Tiresias is such a great prophet. It also shows how extraordinary of a gift Tiresias has.5. Oedipus, page 19- “We sent to Apollo and he sent us back this answer: relief from this disease would come to us only if we discovered the identity of the murderers of Laius and then either killed them or banished them from Thebes.”Commentary- Oedipus is explaining that if the murderer of Laius is exposed and banished, the disease inhabiting Thebes would be cured.This connects to conflict because the city will be diseased unless the murderer of Laius is killed or banished.6. Tiresias, page 22- (speaking to Oedipus) “Shall I say something more, to make you angrier still? I say that you are the murderer you are searching for!”Commentary- Tiresias is accusing Oedipus, in front of the town, that Oedipus killed Laius.

This connects to irony because it is ironic that Oedipus was searching for the murderer of Laius, when it was actually himself who killed Laius.7. Oedipus, page 24- “I.

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