Moyn tirelessly Every single day and in their

Moyn and Monir islam  spent their years, before getting started in network marketing, working in restaurant, Retail jobs , and at one point monir was driving a taxi for living.

 However as much as the jobs were paying their bills, they felt trapped living pay cheque to pay cheque. So at the age of 23, Moyn came across network marketing and later on introduced monir to the industry. Moyn says “It wasn’t hard for me to see the possibilities which this Business could bring.

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.”The concept of residual income”. When I saw that, I was blown away. From the early age the brothers wanted to work for themselves and own a business so Once they found…network marketing, they left their fulltime jobs and they worked tirelessly Every single day and in their first 6 month they made less than £500 and by the end of their first 2 years they got themselves in a debt with £50,000 Monir says “looking back. It was a bad move leaving our full time job but at the same time, it worked in our favour as we had no option left.

The only option was to make it work, however I recommend everyone to not to leave their job or traditional business until they replace their existing income with their part time network marketing business”Today, the brothers are multiple 6 figure a month earner in their current venture and has developed dozens of leaders who are earning 6 figures monthly and has grown their network to 30,000 plus, and they have done this in last 4 months.Can you tell us about team revolution network?Why have you chosen to be part Omnia tech?We are very much fascinated by cryptocurrency, in fact we feel very much lucky to be one of the early adopters Less than 6% of the world population know about crypto currency, less than 4% know what cryptocurrency is and less than 1% own cryptocurrency.Here in team revolution network we are just a group of individuals who decided to educate people about cryptocurrency and at the same time help people to have a different portfolio of cryptocurrency with minimal risk with few easy steps with Omnia tech which is a very transparent cloud mining company What would you say to people who say bitcoin is a bubble? this is all noise. Here’s what you really need to understand.The world’s financial systems are broken. The US dollar goes down in value every year. The centralized banking systems put people at the mercy of their high fees and antiquated processes. Trust in the systems of the world, be they political or financial, is at an all-time low.

When Satoshi Nakomoto released the now infamous Bitcoin whitepaper in October 2008, he proposed a new form of currency that be decentralized, meaning no one had control over it. It would be peer-to-peer, meaning anyone could send money quickly and easily without incurring ridiculous fees. It would be anonymous, meaning no one could stick their nose into your personal business. And it would be trustworthy, meaning the ledger created by the block chain technology that Bitcoin was built on would be without error.It’s not just bitcoin that is doing well. There’s many other coin that has great future. Such as etherium, litcoin, dash and many more …what we love about Omnia tech is that they allow customers to choose the coins that are most profitable to mine and the one they think will be the most valuable in the future cryptocurrency market cap currently exceeds $700 BILLION dollars (more than the value of Disney, Wal-Mart and VISA.

In 1993, a web browser was created that changed how we would access information… forever.In 1997, a company dared take on Blockbuster Video by creating an easier way to rent movies, and eventually pivoted to the leading streaming service they are today.In 2007, a smartphone was created that seized the market from Nokia and transformed the way we consume information.And in 2008, an idea was proposed that would forever alter not only how we make purchases, but how we manage contracts of every kind.You see, regardless of what happens to Bitcoin, Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that is here to stay. And it is getting ready to disrupt just about every industry you can name. Yes, even your industry.

Blockbuster didn’t see Netflix coming.Nokia didn’t see Apple coming.Sears didn’t see Amazon coming.The world doesn’t see blockchain coming.

But it’s here, and it’s not going away.But the fact is we are at the beginning of the technology adoption curve and over the next ten years we are going to see a transformation of tech that is going to make the smartphone revolution look like a hop from writing with pens to using a typewriter.We are not a financial analyst or a financial advisor, but we are a futurist. And we can clearly see that there is a revolution taking place right before our eyes. So I would advise anyone to get a different portfolio of cryptocurrencyPay attention, whatever your industry may be. If you can’t see how Blockchain WILL disrupt your industry, allow me to introduce you to the executive team at Blockbuster, Nokia and Sears. You’ll be in good companyWe learn what separates them from others in business, and what he attributes their continuing success to, 1. Self-motivation2.

Find a mentor – Find a mentor who has what you want and copy what they do. We could have avoided a lot of the mistakes if we had a mentor from early on in the industry.3. Second is to tell a story, speak in pictures.

What this means is to build a story around the company, product, or service and then tell people and then duplicate this throughout your team. Teach them to do the same.4. System – follow a system that is duplicable.

People don’t care how successful you are unless you can show them how you did it. 5. Moyn and Monir are very strong in emotions and motivation. They push their team to spend time in development whether it is personal development or learning more about the industry And last, treat the business as a business, maintain professionalism.


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