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Movies were created for entertainment purposes. People enjoy being entertained, so when it comes to spending a few bucks, people don’t mind. Directors create movies based on their imagination or someone else’s life story. Most movies were created to tell a story. Whether the story is good or bad it was made for the world to see. There are about twenty-five movie genres to choose from world wide. There is no such thing as a bad movie because what you don’t like, someone else will.

Out of action, romance and horror films, action films are better because of the special effects, the plots and the lessons learned in them. First you have action movies. When watching action movies there can be many different outcomes and twists that can blow your mind. Watching an action movie can make you really excited because of fighting, shooting and explosion scenes.

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Most people watch action movies because of the violence or the twists that happen. There are a lot of people around the world that don’t watch action movies because of the violence and the effect it has on our children these days. Take the movie “Taken” for example. It’s saying that no matter what happens, that people will do anything to find and protect their children, no matter the age or the consequences that they might face. “The Avengers: Infinity War” expresses that you might not see eye to eye with someone.

It was time for everyone to put their differences aside and help fight the biggest war of all time. The movie also teaches us about teamwork and perseverance. “Kill Bill Vol. 1” was a movie that is about getting revenge. You shouldn’t hurt someone and not expect them to come back to hurt you or possibly even kill you. The plot of the action movies also teaches lesson at the same time.

Those movies are examples of movies with special effects and violence. Second, are romance movies. Romance movies are about love, passion, commitment and sometimes heartbreak. These type movies can be so confusing and possibly even make you mad because of the out come. These type of movies can make someone experience emotions especially when a sad part comes on.

In the movie “The Choice”, the message in the movie is about the heart wants what it wants and you can’t help who you fall in love with sometimes and there is nothing you can do about it sometimes. In the movie “Beyond the Lights” is a serious romantic drama about fortune and a life lesson everyone should learn. No matter what you got or who you are, there is somebody for everyone no matter if your a bodyguard or a famous person. Now the movie “Dirty Dancing” is a great movie. It is about falling in love through dancing no matter what people think.

Romance movies also have special effects and you do learn lessons after watching movies. Most people think that romance movies are made for women. That is not the case.

Romance movies are created for both genders, ages and color and may or may not have a happy ending. Last but not least we have horror movies. Most scary movies are created around halloween because some people like to be so scared that they start having nightmares about it or it could be that some people think horror movies make them laugh.

Horror movies depend on the plot of the movie and the suspense that something really bad is about to happen or that one of the characters are about to die. When watching a horror, we sometimes get a good feeling after feeling like we have experienced an unexplained event. Horror movies also teaches you lessons.

For example, the film “The Fourth Kind” is based on exposing to the world that there aliens do exist and there is documented evidence that can prove we are not alone on this planet or in the entire universe. Another movie for example is “It”. Both the original and the remake were pretty scary and it was the most talked about movie for days. That movie states a clear message. It’s saying never be alone and that all clowns are evil. All movie genres have a lesson that needs to be taught or learned, whether it’s saying be careful who you love, trust or where you go. All genres of movies no matter what you chose, out of action, romance, and horror, you will alway get your monies worth.

The goal of the movie makers is to show you the story line, plot and experiences of the main character. The movie business also encourages us to use our imaginations to boost your movie watching experience. In conclusion, the best movies to watch out of action, romance, and horror films are action movies because the provide the ultimate experience, especially when you can experience an action movie in three-dimensional.


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