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The Nightmare Before Christmas is a inematographic film in which the characters are puppets and are made to move to create the whole movie plot. The Nightmare Before Christmas starts with the symphony that develops with time gradually into beautiful tone that engages the viewer to look and listen with concentration. The movie starts with the camera focusing onto a dark forest which has several Halloween related pictures posted on the trunk of its trees such as pumpkin heads and skulls. After that, a deeply voiced narrator speaks and introduces the theme of the story.The scene then dissolves and a graveyard appears in which everal Halloween figures dance about and sing this is Halloween.

The plot of the movie starts with Jack Skellington as the lead character. It can be seen that the characters are made from artificial models but it cannot be determined whether the movie has been made using clay motion or high- resolution computer graphic programs. The motion of the figures is constant and precise. Moreover there is no delay between the hearing of the voices and the appearance of the artificial scenes associated with the sounds.The movements of the mouths and the talking associated with them are very ccurate and no fault can be pointed out with this regard. The sound effects used in this movie are very engaging. Each action of the character was associated with a different sound that characterized the action.

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The result of this is that the viewer can freely understand the nature of the action without having to ponder over the situation deeply. The whole sound track of the movie was composed by Danny Elfman, who also provided the singing voice of Jack Skellington, and was nominated for the 1993 Golden Globe Award for Best Soundtrack.The voice of the characters can be heard clearly and loudly. Jack Skellington was voiced by actor Chris Sarandon while the character of Sally was voiced by actress Catherine O’Hara. The Nightmare Before Christmas has several original songs such as ‘X’vhat’s this” and “Kidnap the Sandy Klaws,” which are quite catchy. The audio of the whole movie presents a good image to the audience.

There are several occasions in which voices are so clearly present that the upcoming events in the movies can automatically be guessed.For example; the voices of Jack Skellington, Sally, Oogie Boogie are so clearly presented that they are fictional personalities easily understood by the The film’s cinematography is simple and elegant. All the figures have been designed with perfection. The characters’ expressions for each and every emotion are discrete and explanatory. The characters faces can be seen to change correspondingly with a change in the scenario i. e.

they present appropriate gestures for example SallVs facial expression is seen to change when she sees Jack Skellington; clearly indicating desire and love that she later expresses.The film has been placed in context by placing events one after the other, each coming event being a sequel to the predecessor. The story beginning ith Jack Skellington as the Pumpkin King follows around him until he gets bored and wanders off to the outskirts of the Halloween-town where he finds trees with symbols on them indicating that they are doors which lead to other holiday-worlds. Jack Skellington chooses Christmas as the holiday he wishes to explore and is deeply touched by the culture and warmth of it. He then tries to bring the same stimulus to the local inhabitants of Halloween-town.The story then gradually develops with time and engages the viewers to wait desperately for more to come. The major personal influence that I found to affect severely my opinion owards the movie was engagement in the story. The story of The Nightmare Before Christmas is so amazingly built and constructed a person is compelled to view on and on.

The film covers many themes that a person expects to find from a movie including expression of love, drama, thrill, action and adventure. Moreover the hilarious lines and quotes used by the characters are also very entertaining.The personal influences I found effective were my involvement in the story. The story of The Nightmare Before Christmas involves drama and adventure. From the beginning of the story to the end, I was not only watching the espective scenes with anticipation but was also discussing the likeliness of the things that might occur with my friends.

The movie created an enjoyable environment. Each and every action Of Jack Skellington and his accomplices brought joy and awe. There were many moments during the movie that not only made me, but also my friends gasp.Another personal involvement that I found effective on my opinion was the design of the cinematography. The movie was so elegantly filmed that it was not possible for me to distinguish it from other computer animated movie.

The characters moved flawlessly throughout the movie. The conversation and the lip-movements were precise and accurate. The Nightmare Before Christmas therefore made a great influence on me. The movie inspired me in many ways. I was overwhelmed by the idea that the spirit of Christmas was being celebrated in a sad lonely place such as Halloween town.Jack Skellington experienced the same inspiration when he entered a world of joy and happiness. He was so inspired that he tried to convince his friends of happiness associated with the wonderful holiday.

He tried to teach them the ways in which Christmas was celebrated hoping that they would experience the same overwhelming feeling. Thus I believe the whole theme of the movie was the most engaging thing that affected my involvement in the story. The Nightmare Before Christmas covered loads of genres.At the first, the movie seemed to be related to Halloween and the genre seemed to be related with horror rather than comedy. Then gradually the movie changed its theme and started to look more like comedy. The sayings of Jack Skellington were amusing. The character of Oogie Boogie also presented an engaging figure.

The movie therefore seemed to cover comedy, adventure and drama. Jack Skellington’s feelings for Sally also made the movie romantic. The resence of the Mayor of Halloween town presented a political figure that formulated a thorough political theme in the movie.I personally have found this movie to be very enjoyable. The movie was quite impressing keeping under consideration that it was a cinematographic movie with artificial figures and their mouths made to move to produce motion and dialogue. On a scale of one to five, I would have to rate this movie as a five considering that every moment in this film continues to keep me and my friends entertained. I recommend this movie not just for kids but for all ages to see.

References Berardinelli, James. 2012). The Nightmare Before Christmas Movie Review.

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