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Most of Topshop’s clothing and products are targeted primarily to young women in their 20’s and early 30’s that are fashion forward and always looking for the hottest trends.

They carry many different clothing lines that include: collections, mainline, premium, boutique, unique, designer, and emerge. They really want to drive home the idea of being able to create your own unique look and style. This would mean that many of their customers are not exactly what you would call mainstream and aren’t afraid to be a trendsetter in their own way.

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Aside from that however Topshop is also a great place for these girls to get their basics that are needed for everyday outfits. Shepherdson, brand manager for Top Shop, explains: ‘Officially our target market is 15- to 30-year-old women, but internally we target everyone who loves fashion, regardless of age or income.

‘ She adds: ‘I think the biggest change in the high street since the 1970s is one the consumers have driven, in that they are much more fashion-savvy these days, and demand much more than they did. The impact of the media has meant that everyone knows what the celebrities are wearing, where they got it, what the designers are showing on the catwalk and so on, so they want a bit of it too.’McMINN, M. (2002) Do I look my age in this? Guardian, 13th October. Retrieved from: https://www. On the Topshop website I also found an enlightening description of ‘their customer’:”An extraordinary retail phenomenon, Topshop appeals to students, professionals, fashion taste makers and high profile A-List stars alike. United by their desire for the latest forward thinking trends, these shoppers enjoy both the store’s exclusive cult status and accessibility simultaneously. With over one million customers visiting stores every week in pursuit of an up-to-the minute fashion fix, the average customer is a loyal follower of the brand. She cannot be defined by her age – which can range from early teens to fifty something’s – but instead her attitude. Style conscious and independent, she is addicted to fashion but is not dictated to. Instead she throws away the rulebook and aims for a unique look.

” The key words I extracted from this information regarding their target consumers were:– YOUTH – their main customer is within the range of 15 – 30, and mainly students – this  is also revealed through their 10% student discount, they also appeal to women older than this with a youthful outlook on fashion– FASHION SAVVY/FORWARD – people with a passion for fashion, who like to keep up-to-date with the latest trends– INDIVIDUAL – people with their own personal sense of style, that can use Topshop products to create their own individual looks.JONQUIL, L. (2014) Initial Brand Research. Blog online 20th February. Available from: http://jonquil.

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