Some fay, one of immortal demigods of legendary

Some say we choose our fate, and some others say we follow our fate.

When we think about it, they are both right. Morgan le Fay talked about fate very impressively. The opinion about fate of the author was so strongly expressed in some scenes and quotes, I felt as though she was trying to tell us about not only the legend of Camelot, but also ¡°Fate¡±. What I thought as I read through the novel was: One cannot change one¡¯s fate but can choose how the give fate will happen.This novel is basically about a girl named Morgan becoming Morgan le Fay. The story starts as King Pendragon asks Morgan¡¯s mother, Igraine, to marry him.

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Since Igraine had her husband, she refused, but when he was slew in a war by the king, she was forced to be the woman of Pendragon. She gives birth to a baby, Arthur who becomes king in the end, and acts as though he is her favourite child. When Morgan became teenager, she admits that she is fated to be a fay, one of immortal demigods of legendary Britain, with help from her powerful milpreve, Druid Stone.

With fire dragon burning in her heart because of the jealousy toward her half brother, Arthur, she becomes a fay. Her journey to becoming a fay has heartbreaking stories that she goes through. Cernunnos, the most wise man in the novel, tells Morgan the tale of fate. The story goes like this: Once there lived a knight who received a golden goblet from his holy king. When the paramour of the knight saw the goblet, she exclaimed, ¡°Go throw it into the sea! That is your death!¡± But the knight didn¡¯t want to throw away the present of his king.

Thus, as he slept, the paramour took the goblet and hid it. When the knight woke up, he couldn¡¯t find the goblet, and he was infuriated. He roared at his paramour what she had done with it. But she didn¡¯t say a word.

He struck her so hard that she was flung down to the doorway. And the goblet, which she hid on the high niche above the doorway, fell and hit the knight, killing him. Morgan tries to save her love one, True Thomas, by imprisoning him in her castle. She knows.

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