Molybdenum and an atomic mass of 96

Molybdenum (Mo) has wide applications in many pharmaceutical and biological areas 1.

Mo is an economically important silvery-white transition metal and has five main oxidation states ranging from (II) to (VI). It has an atomic number of 42 and an atomic mass of 96 2,3. Mo is a bio-essential element for humans, animals, and plants that have relatively low toxicity because of a component or co-factor of enzymes which are important for life, so without Mo, organisms cannot function and will show signs of deficiency 4,5.

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Metallic Mo offers many advantages like good corrosion resistance, excellent mechanical, thermal, electrical properties, high temperature and its melting point (2883 K) because of the low coefficient of its thermal expansion and a high thermal conductivity. These excellent properties make it be widely used in electronics, metallurgy, aerospace and electrical industries 6-8.Biosorbent is a biological origin solid system from bacterial, fungal, plant or animal origin. It has various functional groups such as carboxyl, ether, carbonyl, hydroxyl, and ester groups and more effective alternatives for metal ions sorption (e.g Mo) from aqueous solution 9-12.

Adsorption using a cheap, abundant and environmental-friendly adsorbent obtained from a plant such as an olive tree (Olea Europea) is currently being researched as effective substitutes as is the simplest and most useful method 13, 14. The olive tree was one of the first small fruit domesticated trees in the family Oleaceae cultivated by man for more than 5500 years ago. Its common name was for about 35 species of evergreen shrubs and trees of the genus Olea in the in the olive family which has various parts (fruit, leaves, oil). Olive trees are found native to the Medial East, Egypt, Palestine, Jordon, Syria, Africa and Asia with many varieties that exhibit major or minor phenotypical and genetic differences 15-17. Oleic acid (OA, cis-9 C18:1) is a monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) and an abundant in most of the fatty acids by (48%) or in olive oil by (70%-80%). It can be extracted from peanut and its products.

Researches indicate that the MUFA-rich diet has protective effects on cardiovascular risk and diabetes 18, 19.Alkyd resins are highly branched polymer with a polyester backbone which considered as one of the important class of synthetic polymers 20. They are thermoplastic polyester resins can be synthesized by polycondensation 21 of three types of monomers of polyhydric alcohols (e.g; glycerol), dibasic acids (e.g; isomers of phthalic acid) or their anhydrides (e.g; phthalic anhydride) and fatty acids (e.g; oleic acid) 22-24. They can be dissolved in organic solvents and have good interactions with polar substrates such as wood and steel 25.

They have excellent properties such as acceptable, inexpensive to produce, high gloss, retention color, dissolved in organic solvents, excellent thermal stability, eco-friendly, excellent wetting properties, good adhesion and good interactions with polar substrates such as wood and steel 26, 27. These properties make them suitable to apply in industrial coating, adhesives, the binder for composites and anticorrosion paint. Bio-alkyd resin contains reactive sites such as carbon-carbon double bond, a polar ester group, methylene group attached to the carbonyl site, allylic methylene attached to double bond 28.The present paper approaches the study of OOBAR as a novel biosorbent using for sorption of Mo(V) was synthesis.

Properties of OOBAR are characterized by UV-Vis, FTIR, and bulk DC electrical conductivity. The sorption of Mo(V) onto OOBAR are studied to optimize the best conditions for the sorption process. The obtained data have been examined for kinetic, thermodynamic, and equilibrium situations.

Mo has found wide applications in many pharmaceutical and biological areas including tissue of lever mice, tap water, and vitamin drugs.


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