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Molly WilsonPersonal StatementMay 2018Personal StatementI am applying for the Rutgers School of Social Work 100% online MSW program because I feel it is a great fit for me. I have done my research and I discovered that the online program would be the best choice.

In the school’s mission statement it is mentioned that the goals and objectives of the program demonstrate how the mission is carried out. Overall, out of the ten goals, there were three in particular that intrigued me to apply for the Rutgers 100% Online MSW program, which were: understanding diversity, policy practices, and changing environmental contexts.As an optimistic person, I know my personal, community, and professional experiences have directed me to the online program. My personal experience while working at the bachelor’s level made me realize that I need to attend a program that caters to my needs as a working professional. In my senior year at the bachelor’s level I was interning two days a week, working full time, going to school full time, and maintaining a household.

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As a result my grades, wellbeing, and my ability to keep up with everything was beginning to be affected by the overload of work for which I was responsible. I was on the verge of burnout and I needed to develop my own self-care practice to recuperate. I began to practice meditation on a daily basis and made more time for myself to meet my needs physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

As I was conducting my research for a Master’s program; I wondered to myself “How I can I do this at the Master’s level without burning out?” After conducting research looking for a master’s program for working professionals; I found that Rutgers’s 100% online program was the most compatible program that will allow me to further my education and continue to work as professional in the field. The way the curriculum is set up will allow me to balance all of my responsibilities and still have time for my self-care. Self-care is very important while working in the field of social work.

As a professional if I don’t take care of myself I will not be able to assist others. I need to lead by example and that begins with maintaining my health and emotional well being. With regards to my professional experience I work in a nonprofit inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. I work daily with men and women impacted by substance use disorders, with and without co-occurring mental illness.

I am passionate about helping individuals struggling with chemical dependency achieve sobriety and learn the skills necessary to maintain long-term recovery. I am very interested in furthering my education to better assist this population. Additionally, the Rutgers School of Social Work will help me to learn the skills necessary to enact change at the macro level to help raise awareness of the Addiction epidemic and the need for more resources. Additionally, I will learn about policy, which is an essential component of helping this vulnerable population.

A social problem that concerns me is the limited treatment options and resources for individuals suffering with substance use disorders. Addiction is a fast-growing epidemic that needs more professionals to advocate for those impacted. Additionally, more accessible resources need to become available for those who currently do not have the means to enter treatment. Individuals who have private insurance and the financial means to pay for treatment have easier access. However, what about the consumers who are uninsured or underinsured that are financially incapable of paying for treatment? Is there any chance of them entering treatment? The answer is yes, but it is often very difficult.

There are some grants available, but they are limited and are exhausted quickly due to high demand. Also, some grants have very specific and stringent criteria to be met, making accessibility difficult. Finally, there are limited treatment centers available that even accept these grants. Professional social workers with advanced training can help alleviate these issues.

Often, when people think of social workers, they think of clinical work. However, an essential component of social work is macro work. Social workers have the specialized skills and knowledge available to not only treat substance use disorders, but also to raise awareness of this epidemic and the need for resources. Additionally, social workers may become involved in government and work to change policies that are largely responsible for the availability of funding for treatment, as well as treatment availability for consumers. Furthermore, working with policies and advocating for this population can ensure that people with substance use disorders are treated with dignity and have access to treatment that utilizes evidence-based practices. Completing a Masters of Social Work program, specifically at the Rutgers School of Social Work would help me to learn the skills necessary to address this social problem. The curriculum of the Rutgers 100% online MSW program includes courses that specifically teach the skills necessary to address social welfare policies.

As stated before, this is essential to creating accessibility to affordable treatment for people with substance use disorders. In addition to learning the skills necessary to address this issue from a macro perspective, I will learn more advanced clinical skills, to ensure that I am treating consumers with effective evidence-based practices. The Rutgers School of Social Work includes courses on clinical social work skills, as well as courses teaching advanced research skills. Having the skills necessary to understand and analyze the current research findings will be useful to me upon graduation.

This will allow me to continue to educate myself about the best evidence based-practices, even after I complete my MSW.While the 100% online MSW program through the Rutgers School of Social Work will involve an advanced course-load and field hour expectations, I believe that I will be able to successfully complete these requirements. I am very hard working and have quickly advanced in my place of employment, while raising three children, obtaining my CADC and completing my bachelor’s degree. I have overcome many obstacles and defied odds, as a teenage mother, by completing both an associates and a bachelors degree program. As previously stated, I firmly believe that self-care is essential to social workers.

I practice self-care and mediate daily, to avoid burnout and to increase my own productivity at home, work and school. This will help me to successfully complete an MSW program. The 100% online MSW program will offer me the flexibility necessary to balance all of my obligations. Finally, I believe that I possess the discipline necessary to complete an online master degree program. This program is a good fit for me professionally and will allow me to continue to fulfill role obligations as a mother and a drug and alcohol counselor while earning my MSW.Supplemental QuestionsI am choosing an online program over a traditional program because it will offer me flexibility necessary to fulfill my role obligations as a mother and drug and alcohol counselor, while completing all of the essential coursework to complete an MSW program.

An online program will allow me to complete coursework when it fits into my schedule, as long as all assignments are completed on time. A traditional program would require me to attend lectures at a specific time, which would be difficult for me, as a working mother. I believe that I will be a successful online student.

While online programs offer more flexibility. This flexibility may be a challenge, as it requires advanced time management-skills, self-discipline and organizational skills. However, I possess all of these skills and believe that I will be able to overcome these obstacles. I have demonstrated my time management and organizational skills by my ability to successfully complete a bachelors program and CADC, while working full time, completing an internship and parenting three young children.


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