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Module Title: Business CommunicationProgramme: Degree FoundationSemester: TwoStudent name: Omer ElzahawiStudent ID: 0063MWYMWY0418Lecturer: Mr Silva Kumar ?? HYPERLINK l _Toc18472_WPSOffice_Level1 1.0 The effects of British and Japanese invasion of Malaya.3 HYPERLINK l _Toc21512_WPSOffice_Level2 The British:-3 HYPERLINK l _Toc4692_WPSOffice_Level2 The Japanese:-3 HYPERLINK l _Toc21512_WPSOffice_Level1 2.

0 Formation of Malaya and who opposed it.4 HYPERLINK l _Toc29095_WPSOffice_Level2 The Formation of Malaya4 HYPERLINK l _Toc7098_WPSOffice_Level2 Who opposed it ?4 HYPERLINK l _Toc4692_WPSOffice_Level1 3.0 Effects of corruption.4 HYPERLINK l _Toc29095_WPSOffice_Level1 4.

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0 The separation of Singapore from Malaysia.5 HYPERLINK l _Toc7098_WPSOffice_Level1 5.0 References51.0 The effects of British and Japanese invasion of Malaya.The British:-The British invasion followed by the British rule of Malaya had effected the nation in many ways, starting with the policies which were imposed by the British rule ,such as taxes that were collected from the British colonies ,as well as the changes in the economical side of things as the economy of the country was growing due to trade and particularly the British promoted and encouraged the planting of pepper, tobacco,palm trees and most importantly rubber ,which also along side tin were the region’s main source of revenue, more over the British put a lot of effort in constructing a transportation system in which road networks and railways linked port facilities to the tin fields to the coast so as to make it easier to trade through the port as many used to travel through it.The Japanese:-The army of the Japanese empire invaded Malaya through Kota Bahru and it was done on the 8th of December of 1941 as world war two started, japan invaded Malaya for its resources ,and particularly rubber trees and its tin fields, but in the process managed to impact the social, political,and economical situation of the country which led to the distancing of relationships between the different races and it’s especially the case between the Malays who helped the Japanese and the Chinese Malaysians who were anti-Japanese due to their link to communism and mainland China.Also economically, inflation has sky rocketed due the Japanese destruction of the tin mines and the burning of rubber tree plantations ,this by hand resulted in the lack of market which led to lack of food supplies which created a state of emergency and mass shortages grew by the day. Moreover the political effects on Malaya where huge as the the Japanese occupation has triggered the Malays to develop a spirit of patriotism and since they already were the people in administrative positions and they slowly pushed for independence from both British and Japanese occupiers, but never the less the tensions between the Malays and Chinese Malaysians caused complications as it was extremely hard if not impossible as both were blaming the other for the countries situation.

2.0 Formation of Malaya and who opposed it.The Formation of MalayaThe concept of the unification of Malaya was proposed a lot of times, never the less in 1961 Tunku Abdul Rahman spoke about his aspiration to form a unified Malaya, it would be composed of the Malay states,Singapore,Brunei,Sabah and Sarawak ,but in order for Malaya to be unified some factors must be fulfilled such as the misunderstanding for development which translates to the creation of an understanding between the five countries to unite a one nation united, and one united people, also besides that ethnic balance and unity is a must as it ensures the stability of of the nation.

Most importantly all the people in the newly formed nation would and must help in the common fight against communism as all the involved parties were concerned about the communist threat.Who opposed it ?At the official inauguration of Malaysia on September of 1963, it was met by a great response from the British as the wanted to see the out come of their investment but never the less there was also opposition by Indonesia and the Philippines, who later due to their own reasons cut ties or relations with Malaysia, meanwhile Indonesia was attacking Malaysia intensely along the borders of Sabah and Sarawak, in response Malaysia deployed it’s security forces which handled the attacks and pushed them back, moreover the Philippines which claimed sabah as its own territory by right ,later with drew from it’s claim and recognized the nation of Malaysia. 3.0 Effects of corruption.From Congo to Zimbabwe, From Belarus to North Korea corruption keeps on going on it’s adverse effect on the lives of the population’s majority, whither it be economical or socio-political corruption it’s all negative to the nation which suffer it.Corruption usually occurs due to the lack of a country’s development or ability to properly develop a functioning system and this creates a vacuum for offenses such as bribery and jail with out trail, and in addition to this health care would be affected due to a lack of a proper regulation as the whole system is corrupt, which makes a market for pharmacies to sell unavailable or rare medicine for sky high prices and this could create a defect on the country’s drug control and regulation.The worst effect of corruption is the appearance of real priorities or in other words greed as every one will eventually give up on the system and this will drive them to become desperate and to seek their own advantage while not caring about the process or who is harmed in the process, it also create economic distortions in public sector by changing the public’s investment in to projects where it’s more people will need to be given bribes or compensated for otherwise public service and more over corruption quality of services by the government while increasing budgetary pressures on the government.

4.0 The separation of Singapore from Malaysia.Since the formation of Malaysia as a new country it faced some difficulty dealing with Singapore and that’s due to a lot of reasons, which triggered the eventual separation.Reasons such as the economical rivalry between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore as the government proposed to increase Singapore contribution all the way from 40% unto 60% which caused Singapore to fear that it’s economy would cripple and ruin, also due to the racial policies and the negligence of Kuala Lumpur to look after the interests of the Malays in Singapore which after evolving in tensions lead to riots in 1964, as far as may opinion goes ,when Malaysia and Singapore got separated it benefited Malaysia greatly as the mainland Malaysia had far more resources than Singapore and that by hand would give Malaysia the resource superiority, never the less it has also lost a great strategic and trade ally, as Singapore’s port provided a great economical advantage and makes it a strong economical zone controlling a lot of international trade. Both Malaysia and Singapore experienced advantages and disadvantages and here are some of them;-Malaysia Advantages:-Malaysia got the upper hand in the case of resource superiority as they had all of the tin fields and the rubber tree fields which is a major economical gain as it is a great source of revenue for the federal government in Kuala Lumpur.

The got to maintain the political control or political dominion as with out the Chinese population in Singapore the Malays maintain the majority of the population, making their goal of a Malaysian Malaysia a reality and by that they achieve dominion over the nation and its high ranking positions. Disadvantages:-Malaysia lost an important port as a lot of trade passed through it and that meant a great loss of revenue in between trade and the chance to have a major impact on international trade as a whole, which would have given Malaysia a great deal of bargaining superiority and would have even be able to influence world politics due to it’s leverage and authority.Malaysia lost the chance of having a great leader such as Lee Kuan Yew as their prime minister which if it were the case would have changed Malaysia into something much better and he would have utilized the vast resources of Malaysia differently and provide a stronger economy as he has in Singapore and that would have made Malaysia a far more economically developed nation.SingaporeAdvantages:-Singapore managed to gain its independence from the British as part of Malaysian independence deal as they were part of the united Malaysia and when they separated from Malaysia they have achieved full independence from both the British and the Malaysian federal government, which gave them the right to build a new identity and develop differently from Malaysia.

Singapore managed to become a developed nation in a considerably short amount of time while utilizing their ports to the maximum as they are a great source of revenue as well as their ability to develop and maintain a successful social infrastructure and political landscape which by hand will lead to the new nation to flourish economically and become a great economical zone that it is today.Disadvantages:-Singapore lost a lot of resources as a result of its separation from Malaysia, as it is Malaysia that has the tin fields and rubber tree plantations which created a lot of revenue which would have rather wise been been used for the betterment of Malaysia with Singapore in it but due to the separation that opportunity was lost or it was the opportunity cost that Singapore had to pay in order for it to become independence.More over Singapore lost an extremely important factor, which is land as the land over population as time goes on, also this means that it lost the chance it had once to be in the Malaysian market as it is bigger in size much well developed and that would have benefited Singapore’s economy as more products and good would have been available. 5.0 References Oi Jin Bee, Zakaria Bin Ahmed,(2018),(The impact of British Rule)Malaysia, Britannica,Inc.Oi Jin Bee, Zakaria Bin Ahmed,(2018),(political transformation)Malaysia, Britannica.Inc.Essay.PW staff, (2015), Major Effects of the Japanese occupation, Essay.PW.C.N,Trueman, (2015), The attack on Malaya by Japan, mode staff, (2017), (Factors that contributed to the formation of Malaysia ), Studymode.comInsight Guides staff, (2018),The formation of Malaysia, H.Bayley, (2017), The effects of corruption in a developing country, Journals.sagepub.comBrima Karl Samura, (2018), The negative effects of corruption on developing nations, moose staff,(2016), Separation of Singapore from Malaysia, studymoose.comNational library staff, (2013), Lee Kuan Yew,


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