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Module 2 Day 2 Reading SummarySocietal CollapseThis reading describes aboutthe effects of climate change during the Mayan civilization. With the help ofresearch dating back to the Mayan period, it is observed that when there wassufficient rainfall, the agricultural practices flourished and many governmentinstitutions were established to maintain order.

Then the drought followed thisproductive period which led to the division and breakdown of theseorganizations. History shows that droughts have been the reasons for migrationand wars between the population. To sum it all, human population has suffereddue to uncertainties in climate which led to the fragmentation of the society. Societal ResilienceHuman population has realizedthe importance of sustainable development and are taking certain initiatives onan individual, societal as well as national level to tackle this issue.

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However,it is essential to understand the major points in order to work towards a sustainablefuture and focus on those aspects on a priority before it is too late.Population control is one of those key areas of concern along with conservationof natural resources. In addition, mankind should be educated regarding theseissues by spreading awareness so that everyone works together for a betterfuture. Iceland is an amazing exampleof societal resilience. Iceland has endured a variety of harsh naturalconditions like volcanoes as well as plagues and survived. It is obvious toassume that due to these natural effects aggravate the natural conditions.

Inorder to validate this notion, research studies were conducted and it wasobserved that following the reduction in population due to epidemics, the frequencyof occurrence of natural disasters have reduced. However, decrease inpopulation is not the only reason for reduction in natural calamities but themajor reason is that mankind is implementing the required measures on societal,political and economical level and is working together towards changing thesociety to curb such unplanned events. 


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