ModMeters the right decisions. There are many strategies

    ModMetersCase study                                                                                     ByRohit Yalavatti  ProfessorLes StovallUniversityOf Cumberland’sITS630 – Organization Leadership and Decision MakingDate:-01/28/2018           Abstract                 IT process planning is anintegral part of the way a company functions and establishes the way it has togrow. There are many such instances as to when an IT process has to go througha complete check in case it has to be expanded or grow in its field. Its planshave to be implemented within a short period of time as they tend to become obsolete.By the time IT comes up with a different process the previous one becomesobsolete.

IT does not always have a clear picture of the business and it has tounderstand what the business actually needs.  Its plans are often rigid and unverifiable andthey do not have the dependencies to support the long term goal of anOrganization. In case of the Mod meters case Study IT has to develop two newstrategies for the company which will materialize into opportunities’ for theorganization in the future. These opportunities have to be met with asystematic IT planning process so the implementation does not take much timeand remains to the standard the company requires to take the right decisions.There are many strategies that can be implemented in the structure of thecompany to its advantage like various analysis tools like SWOT analysis, GAPanalysis t etc.            Developingan IT Planning Process for ModMeters                  The IT planning process is animportant aspect from companies’ perspective and helps us understand how acompany can function and what its different aspects are in terms of.

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Mod metersare trying to understand as to where the company should be and how the companyshould move forward. In terms of understand the requirements of the team it isimportant as ho the business functions and on the basis of that there arecertain decisions and changes the company will have to take. These changes arecalculated on the basis of performance of each company and how the companyweeks the future.

There are certain requirements which the company has tofulfill based on the discussion they had during the meeting. (Bell and Gerrard 2004).                 The mod meters IT team has two newstrategies to implement but do not have the required funding for it since theCIO has kept a tight screw on the budget which has to allocated to the IT team.This makes it more difficult for the team to understand what the requirementswould be and hence there has to be proper planning process for theimplementation and the process work for the company. The other VPs had an edgeover the IT department and hence this helped them understand the process flowof their particular team. The firm has grown considerably in strength withprofits increasing and hence addressing the portfolio of how much has to bespent is as important as the way IT planning takes place.

  (McDonald and Bace 2004).             The strategic IT planning processgoes from Point A to Point B. This is the reason why it is important to makesure that there strategic efficiency and they are represented effectively.Having an effective strategy determine how the further road will be and how theprocess will be.

It is also important that there is proper execution of theprocess. The IT planning process for ModMeters can generally take around 3 to 4months to implement which indirectly can make sure that three is properresources provided and they are implemented in the right ways.  The IT strategy planning can be divided intomultiple phases and how the company wishes to go is determined by the companyeither it can be fast or it can be slow. Moving at what pace determines how thepace of the team you would want to keep and leverage the resources’accordingly.PhaseDuration for IT planning process:-              The phases can be divided into 1-2 weeks of time depending on how much each strategy requires time:One hour meetings canbe conducted with the CEO, Strategic director and Facilitator.Thiswould help collect more information and determine as to what strategy is to bedetermined for the company.

Questions to ask thebusiness are dependent on how the business view what is to be happened duringthe further process of the business:-o   Who is in your planning team?o   Who will be the business process ownerof the strategic team of your organization?o   From 12 months from now how would youembark and see the initiatives of the organization whether they haveimplemented or not?Outcome:-o   Planning team members will be told abouttheir roles and responsibilities’ accordingly they can plan which way they wantto go ahead.o   After establishing the planning teammembers the planning schedule is establishedo   Going forward the existing planninginformation and secondary data is collected.o   After this process all the major changesare established and then these changes are made to implement in the companiesprocess.Actionitems:-o   The following action items can be helpedto determine the process changes:o   Determine the organization is ready toimplement the changes according to the changes which are expected.o   Making sure that the strategic planningteam is well established and is taken care of.

o   It is important to make sure and collectinformation and to make upcoming decisions for the company.           Following are the steps requires fororganizational readiness:-         STEP 1- Determineorganizational readiness for Mod meters –         Set up your planning process for readinessand for success. Questions to ask-         Are there certain conditions criteriabeing met and are there any pitfalls for which they can be avoided.  STEP 2- Develop yourteam and schedule for Mod meters Team Management:-            It is necessary to know as to whowill be your strategic partner to be in your strategic team as that determineswhat the next steps are. What the staff says and how will you create a plan.

The mod meters team has to develop a proper schedule for the company to make itprofitable in the long run. A proper plan sets place for a more developed ITinfrastructure with the right amount of balance. STEP 3 – Collectcurrent data of Mod Meters:-            When you know what the strategy isfor Mod Meters then have to correct the following data so that you have thelast strategic plan, a proper vision statement and a mission statement, makingsure you have a business plan, having financial records for the last fouryears, generating a marketing plan and having other information figured outsuch as last year’s SWOT analysis.

Datawith current statistics and plan gives the organization a broader perspectiveand outlook for the long-term issues. Data can be read in terms of the pastrecord of the companies budgeting and spending depending on which the companycan decide to go ahead with next steps of the project. STEP 4- Reviewcollected data:-           After you have collected the datamake sure you have all the required information to meet with the facilitator ofthe Mod Meters facilitator and the strategy director,Identifythe trends, Identify the weaknesses or strengths of the organization, and alsomake sure you have a plan or that you are going along the market. Once all datahas been gathered the data becomes easy to access and also make sure to have itbeen reviewed once they have been analyzed by the respective departments of theorganization.

L  Conclusion                   The conclusion is that forthe Mod meters to achieve its financial stability and to make sure that thecompany has all the right budget in the right department it is important tounderstand and have a strategy in place. An IT planning process laid out aboveis the right process to execute and gather the requirements for the Mod meters.  Hence spending the money in case of the Modmeters case is important as specified by Brian who is the CIO of the company.As the company grows bigger there is always a possibility to change andimplement new strategies.

From mod meters perspective it is even more importantto find the right approach since they are trying to expand in the whole ofNorth America. In case they need to make their presence felt they have to haveall their necessary strengths, time and money be spent in the right direction.                                  References:-McDonald, M., and J.Bace. “Keys to ITLeadership: Credibility, Respect, andConsistency.

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