Mobile technologies is actively dissolving the boundaries between

Mobile learning has become a major focus in education, mobile technology has really changed the way people learn and want to learn, the learning environment is gradually shifting from the physical to the virtual, the onus now rests on educators to harness from the benefits of mobile learning and also tackle the various problems posed by this new way of learning.

This is evident in Irina (2011), learning and communication are becoming increasingly mobile, and the advent of Web 2.0 technologies is actively dissolving the boundaries between “educational” and “real world technologies.” The relationship between users of modern technologies and educational institutions is going through fundamental changes, and it becomes harder on the institutional level to ignore the impetus from the outside world. In the same vein, Tomei (2005) noted that the rapid growth in Information Communication and Technologies (ICT) nowadays has brought amazing changes to various fields, including education.

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Presently, there is a substantial increase of technological utilization for educational purposes. With the potentials ICT offers, educational institutions are now seeking for new paradigms to restructure their educational curricula and classroom facilities to bridge the existing technology gap education. This process however requires effective adoption of technologies into existing environment in order to provide learners with the required knowledge as well as to promote meaningful learning”.


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