Mobile is a mobile device because it

Mobile augmented RealityPeople of today carry technology with them, in everything they do today it is done by the means of technology. Wherever they go they take and involve the technology, they do nothing without it.

Augmented Reality exists in todays world, and they is a very strong trend with augmented reality application in which they allow you to work with them at any time and place.What is Mobile Augmented Reality?This is the kind of reality in which allows you to access it wherever you go, it allows mobility between it and the user, it allows you to take it wherever you go.Portable augmented reality uses technology that you can move from place to place. For example, a laptop. smartphone is a mobile device because it is laced inside the pocket and however easy to access and operate wherever you might be.ADVANTSAGES OF MOBILE AUGMENTED REALITY? Allows people to bring the indorsed technology with them? suited for omnipresent learning? increase extra information? very little costDISADVANTAGES OF MOBILE AUGMENTED REALITY? Limitations of mobile augmented reality applications? Technological restrictions? Environmental limitations? User indulgentArchitectures for mobile Augmented Reality Systems? Applications run on handheld systems such as smartphones? Application run on handheld systems connected to remote servers? Applications run n desktop/laptop computer? Application run as a web application

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