Mo, the empowering and disempowering processes of participation

Mo, P. K. H.

, & Coulson, N. S. (2014). Are onlinesupport groups always beneficial? A qualitative exploration of the empoweringand disempowering processes of participation within HIV/AIDS-related onlinesupport groups. International Journal ofNursing Studies, 51(7). 983-993. https://doi.

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org/10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2013.11.006            Thisscholarly article covers the topic of online support groups and how they mayhelp or empower people that are struggling with HIV/AIDS.

The method that theresearchers used to collect their information was through a survey that wastaken by patients who had participated in one of these online support communitiesand were diagnosed with the disease. Some positive outcomes of online supportgroups that were found by the survey include: an easy exchange of information, thesharing of similar experiences, being able to connect with others whounderstand, finding empathy and support, and having a more positive outlook onthe future. However, the study did find a couple of outcomes that wereundesirable. These included: the inability to physically connect with someoneover technology, misuse of the technology and negativity from otherparticipants, relying too much on the support group and struggling withreal-life relationships, and the possibility of receiving false information.            Thisarticle will be useful in supporting the group presentation because it providesinformation on how support groups might provide a patient with an alternatesource of information and care.

This article provides positive and negativeoutcomes of online support groups and allows nursing students to understand thevalues of recommending one to a patient who has recently been diagnosed with achronic disease.  This information can beused in the project to present online support groups as a way for future nursesto fulfill the core competencies of patient-centered care and utilizinginformatics.


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