MMA as transparent glass substitute, daylight redirection,

MMA is a basic component in synthesising methacrylateresins and plastics as well as various of polymer-based products ( The global MMA market can be classified according to the basis ofapplications such as transparent glass substitute, daylight redirection, surfacecoatings, resin, lenses, grout, medical implants and the others. Among all theproduct of MMA, Poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) can be considered as acommonly-used synthetic polymer by the monomer of MMA.

The products of MMA andPMMA are widely used in various applications nowadays.             Firstof all, due to the properties of high resistance to sunlight exposure andthermal stability, PMMA is often added as additives in exterior latex paintwhich used as surface coating. Moreover, PMMA is considered as a suitablematerial in patching highways and bridges as the polymer consists of highYoung’s Modulus and a low elongation at breakage.

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The mixing concrete is alsoknown as polymer concrete (                        PMMAis also involved in the fabrication process of microfluidic chips. By dopingwith electrically conductive materials, such as graphite, PMMA is transformedinto a conductive composite.

The PMMA microchip bioreactor is utilised in thefield of proteomics in protein digestion. However, limitations with lowelectroosmotic flow and high hydrophobicity have restrained the mass productionof PMMA microchips for the market (

             Furthermore,PMMA is suggested to be employed in optical applications. Materials for opticalapplications are required to contain properties of suitable refractive index,good resistance to UV light, chemical durability, and good mechanicalproperties and PMMA is a suitable candidate (

1080/15583724.2015.1031377).             Besidesapplications mentioned above, MMA is often used in surgical applications,especially for arthroplasties. The examples of surgical and medicalapplications of MMA and its homologues are shown in Table 1.5.1 (


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