MIT safety in an unreliable system that

MIT 3109 CLOUD COMPUTING A review on the Research Paper Perspectives on the CAP Theorem 1. What the paper is communicating about. The paper analyzes the CAP theorem and positions it into a larger state of computing theories that are distributed. Some interesting aspect of this theorem is derived from the way it shows a trade-off that can be seen everywhere in the study and the way it is not possible for it to assure liveliness and also safety in an unreliable system that is distributed. It then shows a discussion on its implications and digs deeper on the techniques for dealing with the situation that involves the loss of quality in it. Since it is not worth considering getting consistency as well as availability in untrustworthy system, it is appropriate to make a sacrifice in choosing one out of the two properties that are desired.

2. What they did for better understanding. The authors started by assessing an original conjecture and how it can be proved in line with a presentation from CAP theorem and in view of a web service whereby clients would request for the service and when the server gets a request, it responds. This feature of a web service got a large number of applications. This Theorem was an exchange between partition tolerance, consistency and also availability. In a network that is prone to communication breakdown, it is not possible for any web service to put into use an atomic and read/write memory that is shared and gives a formal assurance that it is able to respond to each and every users request.

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It is also not possible to assure consistency where the system has not been partitioned and also return an answer that is not consistent when the system is partitioned. 3. What they have used. The authors showed a substitution between availability and consistency in a system that is prone to partitions as an example of a generalized exchange between liveliness as well as safety in a system that is not reliable. They reviewed a relationship between synchrony in networks and the probability of reaching the consensus. They answered a question requires the highest measure of consistency that can be successfully reached in a network that is not reliable.

Despite the unfavorable implications, the practitioners have continuously built and deployed the systems that are able to overcome the challenges posed by the CAP theorem in different ways. They gave example of systems that have been designed to ensure consistency and availability is weakened and went further to expound on various approaches that do not warrant both consistency and availability. Y, dXiJ(x(I_TS1EZBmU/xYy5g/GMGeD3Vqq8K)fw9xrxwrTZaGy8IjbRcXIu3KGnD1NIBsRuKV.ELM2fiVvlu8zH(W )6-rCSj id DAIqbJx6kASht(QpmcaSlXP1Mh9MVdDAaVBfJP8AVf 6Q


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