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Miss Evers BoysThe Tuskegee experiment took place from 1932 to 1972. Most of their participants died from syphilis during the long-term study (40 years) and there were newborns affected from congenital syphilis, with the impassive of physicians involved in the study. Tuskegee experiment has been qualified as the most infamous study done in the U.S.The Tuskegee Syphilis Study was authorized by the United States Public HealthService to monitor a number of black men infected with syphilis who were living in Alabama during the 1930’s. The project was to determine the natural course ofuntreated syphilis in black males versus white subjects.

They started the program off with 600 hundred men,300 that were infected, along with 201 uninfected men who served ascontrols. It seems these men were violated this was pure unfair racism most of the men if not all were poor and uneduacted,the researchers offered incentives: free physical exams, hot meals, and rides into town on clinic days, plus fifty-dollar burial stipends for their families when the men died” so doing this without their informed consent wasn’t a problem. How could you leave someone with a untreated life threating diease. Not only were they not informed, but even they were misleading to have them to participate.

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A letter was sent out titled Last Chance for Special Free Treatment. Treatment with penicillin was deliberately denied, Many patients received placebo and even they were advised to avoid use of penicillin that was used for treating other patients this was cruel and unusal. The families , the wives and children that may have been exposed to the disease — have remained largely concealed, bearing in silence with a legacy of and shame as well as possible damage to their health. I can no way begin to understand or feel what this must have done to them. People looking at you treating you like lepers.

No one should be treated the way these men were not even animals. The sociological perspective functional would be the one i associated this particular subject with because functionslism is the need to for people to be healthy so that society can function in society. functionalism, is a system of connected parts that work together in to maintain a state of balance. You could aslo apply social conflict since the study was against the ethical research and human rights it degraded human rights by withholding medicine that they not only had but knew it would cure those males.


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