March 13th 2008Educ 102Childhood lesson plan4Th grade• Standard(s)

March 13th 2008Educ 102Childhood lesson plan4Th grade• Standard(s) being addressed.

New York state mathematics, standards, number operation and relationships.It determines the number of things in a set grouping and counting for example by 3’s and 5’s.My lesson plan will include grouping numbers by showing students how to look at a multiplication table and see the groups written out or a physical model of them.Essential QuestionsHow can I help my students understand grouping in 2’s, 3’s, 5’s, and 10,s?• ObjectiveStudents will learn that grouping is all connected and that numbers are all connected. Certain numbers in one group of numbers can also be found in another group.

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How do we group numbers by 2’s, 3’s, 5’sand 10’s?• Learning activities A. MotivationIn a do now activity I will ask my students what is “grouping”? I will give the students about five minutes to answer that question in their note books. This activity will help to explain to students what grouping is. Then give them an example on the board about grouping and show it on a physical model: blocks, beads, etc…B. presentationAsk the students what objects can be used to show groups of numbers. If the object that they choose relate to grouping that will help me to know if the students are following what I mean by grouping numbers.

C. Guided practiceI will show the students on.

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