MINOR from July to December of Academic

MINOR PROJECT REPORTRestaurant Management SystemSubmitted in partial fulfilment of theRequirements for the award of Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Submitted By Name: Pushpanjali Yadav University Roll No: ASC11003SUBMITTED TO:Department of Computer Science & Information TechnologyBBASAHEB BHIMRAO AMBEDKAR UNIVERSITYSATELLITE CAMPUSTIKARMAFI AMETHI , INDIADECLARATIONI hereby declare that the minor project Report entitled (“Restaurant Management System”) is an Authentic record of my own work as requirements for the award of degree of Bachelor ofScience – Information Technology, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University satelliteCampus (A Central University) Amethi, under the guidance of (Name of Project Guide). (Signature of student) (Name of Student: Pushpanjali Yadav University Roll No: ASC11003 Mobile No: 9565367012Email ID: [email protected]: ____________________Certified that the above statement made by the student is correct to the best of ourKnowledge and belief.Signature of Supervisor Signature of Examiner CERTIFICATEThis is to certify that Mr.

Pushpanjali yadav has partially completed /Completed / not completed the 6-Month Minor Project during the semester from July toDecember of Academic session 2018-19, to in our Organization / Industry as a PartialFulfilment of degree of Bachelor of Science – Information Technology. She wasTrained in the field of ProgrammingSignature & Seal of Training Manager or SupervisorNote: This certificate must be typed on the company/Universityletterhead. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI express my sincere thanks and indebtedness to my esteemed institution, Department of Computer Science, BBAU Satellite Campus Amethi which provide me with opportunity to fulfil my desire and reach my goal. First, I would like to thank my project supervisor, prof. Ashish Kumar, BSC(IT) Department of CS (IT) of the help guidance, and input the writing of report . In addition, I’d like to thank my family of the support throughout and my final year at the University ,and for checking over may project report . Pushpanjali yadav ABSTRACT This following project report to details travel document the modus operandi of designing, developing and test a software system to the used in the restaurant usually given to the name of restaurant management system. This system manages and maintains the record of the customers and room in the hotel.

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The software has been made in the user friendly interface. This project is also design with full consideration to the help of users to manner without wastage of time. This system can be implemented with big restaurant where customers can be order to food from their room using system .the menu card consists of various food varieties of available in the restaurant.

This system wake to provide service facility to restaurant and the customer. the service that are provider is food ordering and reservation table management by the customer through the system online customer information management and waiter to information management ,menu information management and report . this is to supply ordering and reservation service by online to the customer , ordering and reluctance management will be become to easily and systematic to replace traditional the system this is to provide with ordering and disinclination management. through the improvement of the metrology using to prototype models. Other process to through the extension process to improvement procedure to the other costumer the following each other models this projects to development restore system This Online Management has more optimistic in order the particular place. Many restaurants have a lot complex to supervise the commerce such as customer order and rider . By using physical customer order is complex to wine waiter carry on the correct consumer in sequence and possibly loss the consumer information.

The system processes business deal and provisions the resulting data. Reports force be generate from data help the director to make appropriate busyness decision for the restaurants Online restaurant management system will be develop to facilitate the restaurant commissioner to finger restore management and for customary make online order and reservation


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