Ministry of safety, stability in the work environment,

Ministry of Higher EducationIbri college of Applied SciencesEnglish DepartmentWhy is employee satisfaction important in business?Name: Jahan said Ali Al-ShamliSubmitted to: Dolores GeraldineID: 2016584081Course: ENGL2111Teacher: Dolores GeraldineWord count: 764Group: 10The human element is the real capital of all institutions and organizations, because it is responsible for production and the satisfaction of employees is to all institutions, The satisfaction of employees is a state of acceptance, employee sense of safety, stability in the work environment, and of course, job satisfaction is the cornerstone of the institution or institution to do success and superiority over other organizations.

It should be noted that the process of job satisfaction is a link each leads to the other where if the institution provides the proper climate for work will increase the size of the reason on production, and this helps the company to grow. Objectives and increase its profits and then it is the responsibility of managers and officials in various bodies and institutions a great responsibility, which is good investment of the human resources available to them to do the desired results. In this essay I will write about employee satisfaction I discuses four ways to increase employee satisfaction this is healthy environment, respect, salary enthuses staff to work and employee feel in as an indispensable.A healthy working environment equals successful institutions. Healthy working environment is an environment in which the employees have the best climate for work, creativity and development.

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In order to achieve employee satisfaction, the workplace must have a healthy and positive environment so that staff morale increased and Stress-free employees. Work out strategies to increase movement and physical activity in the work environment. The healthy environment of work encourages the employee to excel in the performance of tasks in order to increase productivity, “Employees also report that Googleallows them flexibility to work on passion projects and feed their creativity. The company continues to grow, adding nearly 9,000 jobs in the last year” (Loudenback, Martin & Pipia. 2016). The ideal work environment is also conducive to job satisfaction, and increases efficiency rates, which positively affects performance, and contributes to a large extent in attracting expertise, and managers in turn contribute to significant roles in creating a sound environment encouraging tender.

That the healthy environment is always that stimulates the giving and creativity, and is keen to apply the principle of efficiency among all workers; If the employer contributed to create creative opportunities for employee, and opened the way for innovations, and planted positive confidence, and motivated to continue in innovative ways, A word in the life of an employee. Thus achieving employee satisfaction.Respect the basis satisfaction at work. A respectable workplace benefits huge organizations. Respect is a two-way road as dictated by Newton’s strict laws, that is, as much as the manager respects his staff, he has this same respect for himself. If the manager wants respect, he will respect his staff.

Especially as employees who say they are respectful are more satisfied with their jobs and more grateful to their companies – loyalists, more flexible, more cooperative, better performing and more creative, and more likely to be guided by their leaders. “Respect – According to the SHRM report, employee’s rate respectful treatment of all employees as the most important factor in job satisfaction” (Bisk.2018).

The most important factor affecting employee satisfaction is employee benefits. Employees need to earn good salaries according to their appointment, roles and responsibilities in the organization. The moment the employee earns less, he will create problems for the whole organization.

Do not prefer any employee. Make sure that incentives and monetary benefits are directly proportional to the efforts of the individual. You do not have to keep payments and unnecessary payments if you want your staff to continue for a long time.Make employees feel as an indispensable resource for the organization. According to (Gaurav, 2012) Companies that aim to achieve more success in business, feel the importance of rethinking their business strategies to maximize their success. Employee satisfaction is therefore given greater importance in the process of rethinking.

Employee satisfaction is a very important element to the financial success of any business. By understanding the level of employee satisfaction, the company can have a better chance of delivering positive experiences to customers, producing innovative products and services.This paragraph will slow the method of my primary research.

This paragraph will slow the results my survey.In conclusion, employee satisfaction is very important for employee so I discuses four ways to increase employee satisfaction this is healthy environment, respect, salary enthuses staff to work and employee feel in as an indispensable. There are many ways to increase employee satisfaction. The smart leader uses appropriate method for employee in business. In my opinion satisfy the employee before customer satisfaction. Reference:Gaurav, K.

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