Milestone be very important to all organizations.

Milestone 3: Managing Workforce Diversity: The Challenges & Advantages With the emergence and grow of the 21st century there has been a fundamental shift pertaining to the world’s economy. It is evident that are an emerging towards a world were the barriers to cross border trade and investments are tumbling and we can say that day by day the world is becoming a global village due to globalization. As globalization prevails the world is becoming an interdependent global economy.

For instance, an American driver will go to work in a car that was designed in Germany, assembled in Mexico and components made in US and Japan of Korean fabrics. Globalization has changed the world in what we live today and with globalization comes the need for managers of large firms to manage the human resources. Due to globalization the world is shrinking day by day and this cause organization to recruit and hire cross cultural employees.

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Human resources are an important asset for any organization. Therefore, employing a diverse workforce should be very important to all organizations. Organizations should employee human resources regardless of their age, attitude, gender, religion and a diverse workforce in return will allow the organization to compete at the marketplace whether in home country or doing international business. However, when organizations employee human resources of different ages, religion, gender attitude and perception it can sometimes be very difficult for the management and also the employees to adjust and manage a new environment. It is a big challenge to manage a diverse workforce. It is very difficult for employees to adapt and adjust to a new working environment and culture.

When an organization tries to manage it workforce through diversity it can have an impact on the employees’ working and an impact on the productivity of the organization. The impact of workforce diversity on employees’ work. The organization realizes during the adjustment that each individual is different from each other because of their different educational background and religion.

Therefore, when different types of people in terms of thinking and perception come together to work together in the same organization they not all agree on the same point. The differences in the workforce will affect the interpersonal relationship among the employees’. Furthermore, Saxena (2014), in the research pointed out that with the increase rate of globalization, privatization and liberalization there has being significant changes in the workforce in terms of people f the same age, same experience etc. come together to work in the organization as one. In this time, we have females are working in the same equal ratio as males.

With females and males working on the same level managers now have to be keen and understand that gender discrimination has decreased but also it can cause conflict within the organization. However, it is essential that organizations make the necessary provisions to reduce this from occurring. It is essential that the organization makes everyone comfortable and feel a sense of belonging because an effective organization is a network of people who work together to achieve a common objective or goal. The impact of workforce diversity on productivity. According to Saxena (2014), productivity in economics is defined as the relation between output and input. Productivity will illustrate whether the activity of an organization is effective or effective.

Productivity requires both effectiveness and efficiency because a certain action will not be productive if it is only efficient and nor effective. Within the organization if the input element is not effective or efficient the organization will be unable to compete effectively on the global market. In the organization the input elements are things such as labor, energy and materials. Without proper labor and materials an organization is useless.

In closing managing diversity can be a difficult task for the organization, however, it is an increasing trend due to the increased rate of globalization. Diversity management in the workforce is key and in order for human resources in a diverse workforce to compete effectively the organization must help the employees through procedures of training and development. When organizations focus on managing a diverse workforce the employees will become more committed to the organization. The organization will see changes as diversity management among the workforce increased aspects like creativity and problem solving


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