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A Media vehicle is a single component of the mass media, such as a newspaper, radio station, TV network, or magazine. Characteristic’s Of mass communication organizations -Produced by complex and formal organizations, ;Have multiple gatekeepers, -Need a great deal of money to operate, -Exist to make a profit, -Highly competitive. DC]What vehicles have increased the mobility of the mass media? Cell phones, laptop computers, Pads, and pods in the media is considered what?Credibility Acidification of ‘surveillance’ with regard to individual media use Cocooned nuances of relying on mass media for interpretation -Audiences are exposes to a wide range of often contrasting viewpoints, -audiences are able to weigh multiple sides of an issue before deciding on our position, audiences are given a greater depth of expertise upon which to draw conclusions. ICC]Definition of the colonization function Chadwick media is devoted primarily to entertainment? Motion picture C]That is meant by the ‘withdrawal’ function with regard to using media Using the media to create a barrier between themselves and other people or activities. (Example. Reading newspaper to get people to not talk to you) C]The name given to a society that relies on the spoken word Oral Culture Dentition of Johann Gutenberg -Generally credited with developing a printing press that used movable metal type.

C]Decaffeinate of the ‘telegraph’ Speed of communication increased from MPH to 186,MPH by using electricity.The telegraph affect -How we moved goods, -How we coordinated services, -Standardization of market prices, – News flow and news story length. The technology in a telegraph later was used in the radio.

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Adolescent Of change with regard to development Of photography photography provided a way to preserve history, had an impact on art, and brought better visuals to swappers and magazines. Motion pictures help socialize a generation of immigrants and became an important part of American culture. ICC]What is the best description of ‘digital technology?A system that encodes information into a series of on-and-off pulses usually denoted as zeros and ones. C]Distractedness of ‘mobile media’ -They depend on wireless technology, -They allow people to access information from virtually anywhere, -They are interconnected, -They blur the distinction between mass and interpersonal communication.

CO]The internet system most resembles what? [That is a ‘URL URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, which mean it is a uniform (same throughout the world) way to locate a resource on the internet.DњDefinition of WIFE WI stands for Wireless fidelity- a system by which personal computers and other information devices connect to the internet without wires. Chitchat are popular methods to make a profit over the Internet? Sell advertising, Sell merchandise, Sell services, make people pay to see your site. Deconsecrate of having no ‘gatekeepers’ On the Internet It has no censorship L]Distractedness of newspapers in early America There were few papers, -Printers and postmasters did most of the early publishing, -News was not as timely as it is today, -The idea of a free press was not endorsed by the colonial governments.Cocoon the definition of the ‘First Amendment’ to the Constitution Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peace fly to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Direction of literacy to mass media Definition of the ‘penny press’ The mass-appeal press of the early 19th century. Mass production of inexpensive newspaper became possible by switching from hand-crafted to steam-power printing. Famous for costing one cent while other newspaper company cost 6 cent.

Made it affordable for a lot of people. C]Down what is meant by ‘yellow journalism’ Yellow journalism, or the yellow press, is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspaper. Depreciated features of the future newspaper Traditional newspaper is declining, while online newspaper is growing.

Towhead is ‘muckraking? A term coined by Theodore Roosevelt to describe the reform movement undertaken by leading magazines in the sass to expose corrupt practices of business and government to the general public.Chitchat were the three types of magazines that evolved between WWW and WI? Digest, News magazines, Pictorial C]Time and TV Guide are examples of which type of magazine? Latitudinarians of the book ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ It sold 300,000 copies in its first year and was credited with converting many readers to an antislavery position. ;C]What major event caused paperback books to flourish? Copyright laws in the sass’s C]Distractedness of the contemporary book industry Advantages of ‘e-books’ Easier readability, Can be continually updated C]Ditch company was the first broadcasting network?AT&T C]That caused radio to evolve into a mass medium? Between 1 925 and 1930, 17 million radio sets were sold [Decaffeinates of the ‘Telecommunications Act of 1996″ The goal of the law was to let anyone enter any communications business- to let any communications business compete in any market against any other. Extraterrestrial radio stations (AM-FM) and relationship to the digital age The increased competition from online radio and declining ad revenues prompted terrestrial radio stations to come up with new Web strategies.Oddities of a radio program director Catch the audience’s attentions as soon as they tune in and keep them drawn in so they don’t switch to another station.

Acidic did record companies want to clean up rock’s image by 1 960? 1 959 the record industry was shaken by the payola scandals that, arriving on top of the years of bad publicity and criticism of rock and roll as responsible for most of society s ills, threatened rock’s profitability. Since rock n roll had too much moneymaking potential to be abandoned, the record companies decided to clean up rock’s image.Chichi types of retailers are most important to the record industry? Tunes is the biggest record retailer, accounting for nearly 25 percent of the market. Wall- Mart is in second place. CO]What is the function of an “A& R” person with the record industry? This department serves as the talent scout for the industry. Keeps an eye on local markets to see who’s hot. Once in a while, they might also venture out on the road to check out acts in the hopes of finding the next superstar. ICC]Advantages of multicultural recording Not necessary for band members to record together.

The instrumentalists can come in one at a time and lay down their tracks, the lead singer or singers can add the vocals later, and everything can be put together at the mixing console. Chatterboxes of the mass communication audience in general Activators that are making traditional mass media business models obsolete Towhead is meant by the term “everything everywhere’? Media is every”here you kick covers all subjects. L]Differs medium to use digital communication Telegraph C]Donovan the characteristics of televisionLodestones nuances of the digital revolution -Fledging writers no longer need a publisher, -new bands can bypass music companies to reach their audiences, -traditional news media no longer have as much control as in the past. Cocoon features of the mobile media Small screen devices allow media to become increasingly mobile. Goethe first tool for social media was what vehicle? Telephone Accidentalness of ‘jazz journalism’ Jazz journalism is like yellow journalism but instead of writing it’s photography. CLCњWhat is the Audit Bureau of Circulation?C]Dhow was Marion and what did he accomplish? Lithe network that was originally part of the NBC Network L]the biggest problem facing online radio is what issue? Ditch most prevalent listening venue for Satellite radio is a format with regard to broadcasting? Defeaters of National Public Radio (NAP)? Chitchat Was the significance of the ‘nickelodeon’ around 1900? DњSignificance of the ‘jukebox’ during the 1 ass’s Odder when rock music became part of the counterculture Required Midterm Essay Questions (50 points each) 1 .The follow question is one of two to be answered for the midterm.

– Be thorough in your answers. You may use the textbook and outside sources to help you to respond. Since this is a timed response, there is no need to list sources. – Your answers should be in paragraph form with an introductory paragraph introducing the reader to the material.

– Length of your answers is not important as the quality of your response. This means that you answered all of the elements Of the question. It’s suggested to prepare your answers in advance. Entrance the history of the printed newspaper and various types of eras in reporting the news.

Start with the colonial period of print up to and including owe printed news is delivered today with national papers like USA Today. Include and describe what was the significance of the era of the ‘penny press’, ‘jazz journalism’, yellow journalism’, and ;muckraking”” 2. The follow question is two of two to be answered for the midterm. Be should be in paragraph form starting with an introductory paragraph introducing the reader to the material. – Length Of your answers is not important as the quality Of your response.

This means that you answered all of the elements of the question. Although the telegraph was first in providing electronic communication in he 19th Century, ‘radio’ is considered the grandfather of modern day electronics which led to television and where we are today with the Internet, computers, and all types of audio and video devices.

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