Midterm Exam Review essay

Knowing and following the electrical ad building codes helps protect the alluding occupants, helps when working with local, city, country, and State officials, and helps when word king with electricians and contractors.

13. Patch cables are generally considered the weakest link in a network sets p. 14. The security of a locking door is a benefit of a full equipment cabinet. 15. Punchbowl blocks are generally used for telephone and data systems.

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16. Crimpers are used to attach connectors to dissipater cable. 17. Fish tape and fiberglass phosphorus are helpful when running cable through h walls. 18.Captioning tools can be used to test continuity. 9.

Wiretapping lubricant is used to allow cables to slide easily over surfaces during a pull. 20. Stud finder, hammer, wrenches are all handy tools to carry with you. 21 . If the tip wire in your pair is blue/ white you can expect the ring to be blue. 22. There are 25 wires in a binder group.

23. High attenuation is not a benefit of coaxial cable. 24.

Making a patch cable yourself is not best for your network. 25. When pulling cable bending at 90 degrees can damage them as well as t wasting the cable too tight, and removing excess amounts of the cable jacket. . Electromagnetic interference can be prevented by making sure data cable Eng his at least 6 inches away from lightning rods. 27.

The main difference between fiber optic and copper media is OF transmits TTS data by digital light pulses, and copper transmits data through electrical voltage transmissions. 28. One disadvantage of fiber optic to copper is the cost of fiber optic. 29. Strand, buffer, strength members, shielding, outer jacket, coating, Claudia Eng, core are all components of fiber optic.

30. Several is added to fiber optic cabling to strengthen it. 31 .Optical capacitance is not a fiber rating used to choose fiber optic cable. 32. When installing fiber you should always match the rating of the cable to t he equipment used and terminate the fiber. 33. An outlet box is the most common wall plate mounting in commercial AP applications.

34. You must consider the number of jacks, types of jacks, and labeling on a fixed design wall plate. 35. A disadvantage of biscuit jacks is they are not rated for high speed data.

36. Using the wrong type of cable/ connectors can cause intermittent connection errors after your system is running. 37.

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