Middle & social changes in everyday life. Middle

Middle adulthood is a period of life that adults of that age either find extremely stressful or rewarding. No matter how this period of life is recognized, it is a fact that adults in this stage experience physical, cognitive, emotional & social changes in everyday life. Middle adulthood is between the ages 40-65 years. I interviewed a 40-year-old woman, named Shalonda. Shalonda is a banker with 3 kids and lives at home with two of her kids.

I studied how her responses matched, or did not match, the “normal” middle adulthood behaviors from the textbook. I asked Shalonda questions about her physical changes, starting with changes in appearance. Shalonda told me that as she ages her skin has been becoming more clear, she has noticed more grey hairs growing in, has gained some extra weight, but hasn’t noticed and wrinkles.

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This response is appropriate as it relates to the textbook because Chapter 13 states, “gray hair is perfectly natural and caused by a normal cessation of pigment production in hair follicles.” It also states,” Most people gain weight between their early 30s and mid 50 producing the infamous middle age bulge as metabolism slows down” Shalonda does not smoke but she does occasionally drink alcohol and caffeine. Her alcohol and caffeine consumption is low which is why they do not have a significant impact on his health. She described that as he gets older, her sleeping patterns have been changing as well. She used to be able to stay up past midnight but now he gets tired very easily and must sleep before 10 P.

M.I also asked Shalonda questions about her reproductive health as she is coming to the time where women start to go through menopause. I asked if she still had a monthly cycle and what changes her body was experiencing. Shalonda informed me that she did still have a cycle, but it is very irregular.


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