Frequently You will find Windows Mobile software on

Frequently Asked Questions about Windows Mobile Software What is a Windows Mobile powered device?What’s the difference between a Pocket PC and a Smartphone?What type of input do the devices use?Can a Windows Mobile powered device also play music?Can I use the same programs on my device as on my desktop computer?How do I transfer information from my desktop computer to my deviceCan I browse the entire Internet or just special mobile sites?Do people actually watch videos on their devices?What is Bluetooth?Can the devices use Wi-Fi?How can I store data on my device? Q: What is a Windows Mobile powered device? A: A Windows Mobile powered device is a handheld device powered by the Windows Mobile platform. It allows you to retrieve e-mail, keep track of your schedule and your contacts, browse the Internet, send and receive text messages, read and compose Microsoft Word Mobile files, make Microsoft Excel Mobile charts, and view Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.* Windows Mobile is a rich platform that allows you to download third-party software to customize your device. You can download e-books, games, maps, business software, and more.

Businesses use Windows Mobile powered devices to help their employees keep in touch while out of the office. Employees may use the devices to check e-mail, track sales, check inventory, place orders, communicate with students, route transportation, and accomplish other tasks by using a variety of line-of-business applications. The Windows Mobile platform is available on a variety of devices from a variety of wireless operators.

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You will find Windows Mobile software on Dell, HP, Motorola, Palm, and i-mate products..

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