Michael development of cold war between the two

MichaelRoskin has postulated three main factors that played a central role in thecollapse of the United Soviet, Socialist Republic.

Among these factors were thepolitical turmoil in the communist party, the row between the capitalist andthe socialist wings and economic downtime. This presentation will examine theimpacts of the political crisis on the collapse of USSR. Michael Roskin haspointed out that the brewing tension between USSR and the United States ofAmerica played a pivotal part in the weakening and disintegration of thecommunist party. USA formed alliances with her allies and restricted theoperations of the USSR; this eventually made the member states of the USSR tofall out from the communist leadership (Druckman et al.

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2011). Moreover, thedisintegration of the communist party also weakened the fabrics of unity amongthe member states and hence led to the pullout by a country like Schezlovakia;additionally, the space race between the USA and USSR which led to thedevelopment of cold war between the two power blocks. During the cold war,there were several restrictions that the member states of USSR from the USAwhich dented their progress as a people hence forcing them to fall out from thecommunist party and run their affair independently.             Though this presentation has focusedon the role political tension had played in the collapse of USSR, the other twofactors equally had a hand in the collapse of the Soviet Union.

For instance,the tension between capitalists and socialists led to disintegration anddisunity between the two camps. Those who followed Lenin accused socialists ofthe dictatorship and bureaucratic leadership that exploited the residents. Inthis regard, there was a rift between those who aligned to socialism and thosewho believed in capitalism which eventually led to the eventual split of theSoviet Union.

Secondly, economic issues also contributed to the collapse ofUSSR (Druckman et al. 2011). The Soviet Union Invested heavily in airspacetaking a better share of their economic resources on the research of theairspace which eventually led to poverty and lower standards of living amongthe residents of Soviet Union. 


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