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MGMT227 Spring 2018Case Study: Green Hills Hospital (9B12C037)Written Submission TemplateStudent Name & ID# Satnam Singh & 10195273Student Name & ID# Jobandeep singh & Student Name & ID# Q1: The Lees had two very different experiences at the GHH within four months. What changes might have taken place within that time frame to contribute the deterioration in the value proposition?1. There was a change in staff members which led to certain issues.2.

The staffs seem to be less experienced in using information technology system.3. New staff hired was from south Asia which was responsible to create communication gaps.4.

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As compared to old services, now there was longer waiting time in admitting patients.5. Everyone was disturbed due to unnecessary construction sounds.6. Revised charges on some of the services due to which people had to pay more.7.

Lack of updates about the condition of the patients.Q2: Organizational performance can be measured by financial and non-financial metrices. All value propositions have visible and invisible performance indicators that can be observed by customers. Lean management stresses the seven types of waste that must be eliminated in order to improve performance.

Provide examples of each kind of waste that is present at Green Hills Hospital post-intervention. What is/are the root cause(s) of each type of waste?Type of Waste Example Root CauseOverproduction Staff members and drugs were more than requirement.They would deliver more medicines such as if there are three unit drug needed they deliver twenty units. Improper business skillsDoctors looks for profits in the drugsWaiting As the rooms were not ready so lees wife waited for long time to see the doctor.Lengthy check in and checkout procedures.Slow food services. New and unexperienced staff.

For more profit they elongated the checkout system.Transportation Lees wife had to go other laboratories for testsPeople had to go outside the hospital to eat food. Doctors had great margin in commission from exterior laboratories.Food was available in hospital after 9am but some people needed it before that time due to medication reason. Motion Due to extra staff there were random movements in the hospitals. Lack of understanding of business function.

Inventory The hospital charged a lot from lee and his wife. The main aim of hospital was to make profit.Over-processing People had to wait long time for being admitted in the hospital.

There was no standard and structure in the hospitals.Also the management skills were poor due to untrained staffs.Defect Nurses did not know properly about medicines.There were also defects noticed in equipments No measurement of their performance which lead to poor quality standards.Maintenance facilities were absent in the hospitals.Q3: Lean management dictates that processes should be continuously improved and redesigned to eliminate all kinds of waste and improve productivity.

The shift to Lean management is a change management project. Has the Green Hills Hospital Lean management initiative been successful? Why or why not? What are some of the non-financial performance metrics that have deteriorated?No the green hill hospital lean management initiative have not been successful because of change in staff which created poor customers services and language barriers. Also the staff was not confident in processing IT systems.

Moreover patients were always disturbed due to construction sounds from outside the hospitals.Some non-financial performance metrics that have been deteriorated are listed below:1. Working experience of staff.2. Management skills.3.

Maintenance facilities.4. Training of employees.5. Friendly customer services.6. Work ethics such as reaching on time and being polite with patients.


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