Essay changing, etc. “Metalsmith” focuses on metal making

Essay title: Metalsmith

Dates looked at and volume/issue #s: March, June, August, November, V26, nos. 2,3,4,5. General Description of magazine: notice paper, photo and reproduction quality, topics covered, special information (show calendars and gallery listings, technical information etc.)“Metalsmith” is printed in color.The printing and the paper are of good quality.Inside it contains a book review, opinion articles, a studio introduction, views, features, and reviews.The format of pictures and words is excellent.

The pictures of the works are big enough, and the words are clear, neat, and big enough, so the readers can read it easily and clearly.Inside it has a lot of advertisements for galleries, artists, and schools.The artists’ advertisements contain pictures of the artists’ works, the artists’ contact information, and the addresses of the websites for readers.The advertisements for galleries have the date, artist names, and the addresses of the website for the galleries.

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The advertisements for schools have the contact information and the addresses of the websites for readers to contact those schools.The schools provide education in jewelry making, making metals, and so on.Some advertisements are in color print, but some aren’t.

Major Emphasis: Painting, metalsmithing, photography, history, changing, etc. “Metalsmith” focuses on metal making in different areas, such as jewelry, metal sculpture, and so on.Statement 1: Whom do you think this magazine is published for? Why?This magazine is published for artists, galleries, and people who are interested in metalsmithing.Inside it has a lot of information about artists, galleries, shows, and even schools.This magazine provides school information for people who like metalsmithing, as well as artists’ information for buyers to contact them.

Statement 2: Your response to the periodical…interesting, dull…why.

.. examples?“Metalsmith” is a good magazine that focuses on artworks made by metal or stones.The clarity and neatness make me enjoy the reading.The “view” for artists is a little bit too long, but it is acceptable.The pictures inside the magazine are of good quality, so I can read the article and see the works easily and clearly.

The first page of each article has a clear square with the section word to tell me whether it is a “view” section, or a “reviews” section. Synopsis: Brief synopsis of the reviews/article of your choice from one issue (two paragraphs).Include the title of the article and name of the author.This section is the MOST important part. (It is worth the most points!)“What the Body Knows” by Patricia Harris and David LyonHeather White van Stolk is a master metalsmith and is good at transforming her ideas of nature into physical artwork, especially botanical fiction.The poetry of nature stimulates White van Stolk to design more creatively with the help of her intelligent and knowledgeable observations of it.In the past, she focused on large scale works, such as crowns, which she made twisting metal into traditional forms.Now she works on small scale artworks, such as rings.Whether on a huge scale or a small scale, White van Stolk always puts the main idea in the center as a central object with.

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