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Mitosis goes through four stages in order: prophesy; metastases; anapest; a ND telephone. The first phase, metastases, is when the chromosomes become visible under a microscope a ND the cells stop all other processes.

Then the chromosomes line up in the center of the cell to divide u p equally during metastases, a structure called the metastases plate develops microbes. Once lined up, the chromosomes begin to pull apart at the beginning of nap hash.The opposite ends of the cells will begin to developed, or the polar regions and another set of micrometer s start to developed here. At this point the chromosomes start to pull at the poles and the sets break up WI h one set going to one pole and the other going the opposite. When the nuclear envelope Starts to reform and the chromosomes begin to u uncoil the Telephone has started. This is a stage process of separating the chromosomes or eukaryote sis and the last being cytokines at the end of telephone.

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Results are copies of each chromosomes moved to each daughter cell.Meiosis’ specialized cell division happens during reproduction. Cellular division n starts just like mitosis; the copied chromosomes come together in pairs, or homologous, in similar size, s ape and length. The pairs separate here and go to different daughter cells, reducing the number of differ rent kinds of chromosomes even if they are still connected.

Then the copies are separated from each e of chromosome group going to a different daughter cell resulting in four daughter cells with one copy of EAI chi homologous pair.During the prophesy of meiosis there is a crossing over, or exchange of genet c information between the paired up chromosomes. Theses paired and replicated chromosomes јsites around each other getting angled and sometimes break and rejoin at the break, allowing genes from the e parental lines to go back and forth between the male and female parent increasing variations between the copies. Cellular division causes more cells, more cells allows growth, through this pro cues changes in all life occur.New life grows through cellular division, it all starts at the tiny n clues building upon each other to create DNA. Mendel used mathematics and experimentation to derive major principles the at have helped us understand inheritance. His ideas were totally different than the ex palpation for passage of characteristics from parents to offspring that was common to his time. List and describe his principles and describe how each contributes to genetic variability.

How might biology have be different if his discoveries had not been lost for d cascades?Be prepared to discuss the significance Of Mender’s discoveries to modern bio logy. Gregory Mendel grew thousands of peas, over an 8 year period he took emetic loss notes of which seeds grew to be which color and shape. Over time he was able to u SE his toes and mathematical probability to ascertain what seeds would produce w hat type of plant. He found that seeds from tall plants would produce tall plants, tall and a short plant will mostly produce a tall plant but their offspring, even if tall can proud CE short plants.He identified the dominant and recessive genes. Mendel used mathematics to determine the outcomes Of his experiments and the more data he gathered t he more he was right. He had the forethought to cross breed the dominant traits with the recessives and then back again to see what would happen.

Then the following generation n showed the recessive gene showed up 1 times. Mender’s looked for 7 traits and to find the dominant or recessive one. Flower Color Seed Color Seed Shape Pod Color Pod shape Rower Position Plant height From his experiments he developed a set of laws, the first being the principle of segregation: during fertilization each parent passes on one set of alleles for e ACH trait and which one the offspring gets is random. The second law of independent assortment states that each trait is separate Of each Other, for example the FL were color will not affect the height and the seed shape will not affect the pod color.The third law was the law of dominance, meaning that one trait could mask that of another this has become a general principle. Unfortunately being in a monastery and a mathematician didn’t help him get noticed.

His work was not found for close to 40 years due in part to most botanist not understanding the math and the possibility of being overshadowed by Darwin whose theory of evolution evolved about the same time. Darwin would have found some of the answers to his critics.Mendel had the answer to the question of what how the e traits stay with the generations or come back and are not diluted out.

These unanswered quo sections are one of the reasons Darning’s evolution theory fell out favor for so long Mender’s L saws of INheritance helped revive Darning’s theory and proved to affect billions of people with imp orator changes to the future of medicine and biology with genetics. Also giving us the ability to develop food strains that grow stronger, more productive and resistant to disease that we eave come to take for granted today, all from some experiments with peas.

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