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Men Make History Essay Yes men do make history but not just men but women also, some examples of this would be biblical like Adam and Paul, Worldwide catholic people like Mary Mackillop, Oscar Romen, Padre Pio, Mother Teresa and in Australia for example Vaughan, Moran and Mannix.Yes I know, Adam and Eve are two people. But Adam and Eve really are inseparable.

Even the Bible refers to them as “one flesh” in recognition of their coming from the same flesh (Adam’s) and being joined together again in marital/sexual union. Adam and Eve are the most important people in history because according to the Bible they’re the first two people in the world, and from them comes everyone who has ever lived. The human drama begins when God forms Adam from the ground and breathes life into him. God then performs the first surgery, creating Eve from Adam’s side (a more literal translation than “rib”). Adam and Eve live together in Paradise (or what the Bible calls the Garden of Eden) until they disobey God by eating fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

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This act of defiance, called “The Fall” by many theologians, is a real bummer because from it comes painful childbirth, weeds in your garden, and, ultimately, death. Moreover, Adam and Eve’s disobedience introduce fear and alienation into humankind’s formerly perfect relationships with God and one another. As evidence of this alienation, Adam and Eve’s son, Cain, murders his brother, Abel.Paul (or Saul, as he is first called) has definitely made history when he was responsible for spreading Christianity throughout the Mediterranean region and on its way to becoming the religion of the Roman Empire. Paul’s efforts to convert people to Christianity are all the more remarkable since when we first meet Paul, he is vigorously attempting to stamp out this movement because he believes that its message contradicts the teachings of the Hebrew Bible. Then, one day, while Paul is traveling to Damascus to arrest Christians, Jesus appears to him in a blinding flash of light and tells Paul his efforts against Christianity are what contradict the teachings of the Hebrew Bible, because Jesus is God’s promised Messiah.

Paul spends the rest of his life spreading the “good news” about Jesus’ life and teachings throughout the Roman world, suffering intensely for a movement he was once bent on destroying.Some Worldwide catholic people that have made history Mary Mackillop and Padre Pio.Mary Helen Mackillop RSJ (15 January 1842 – 8 August 1909) was an Australian nun who has been declared a saint by the Catholic Church, as St Mary of the Cross Mackillop. Of Scottish descent, she was born in Melbourne but is best known further activities in South Australia. She has made history single handed formed the nuns/sisters.

When Mary Mackillop co-founded with Father Tension Woods the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart in 1867, she ignited a missionary zeal to go to the poor and the marginalised of Australia. Mary’s declaration of her new institute was of “a truly missionary spirit of poverty.” The Josephite Sisters, she wrote “would hold themselves at the shortest notice and without a murmur where obedience and the cause of the dear little ones of the Church require it” and that’s how Mary made history. Another person who made history is Padre Pio, also known as Saint Pio of Pietrelcina and he was given the name of Pius in Italian it means Pio, when he joined the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin.He made history because he was the governing body of all people in the Christian church, a clergy. Padre pio was not only a Friar but a priest, stigmatist which is a term to describe body marks, sores, or sensations of pain in locations corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ, such as the hands, wrists, and feet and a Mystic (Mysticism). Mysticism is what lets you transcend the physical to experience enlightenment — let’s just say you’ll recognize it when it happens. He became most famous exhibiting stigmata his entire life and spreading it.

He was both beatified (1999) and canonized (2002) by Pope Saint John Paul II.Now Men who made history in Australia. Roger William Bede Vaughan was an English Benedictine monk of Downside Abbey and the second Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Australia from 1877 to 1883.He became Archbishop of Sydney on the death of Archbishop Polding. He tried to make history by changing the laws of education. He spoke vigorously on the education question, but his words had little effect on parliament. He didn’t give up and In 1880 Henry Parkes passed an education act under which government aid to denominational education ceased at the end of 1882 that’s how he made history.

Vaughan’s views on this question may be found in his Pastorals and Speeches on Education, which appeared in Sydney in 1880.  Patrick Francis Moran was the third Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sydney and the first Australian cardinal. Tuesday, 16 August marks the Centenary of the death of Cardinal Patrick Francis Moran, third Archbishop of Sydney and one of the city’s most outstanding leaders. Moran began making history by transforming the Sydney St. Patrick’s Day festivities by inaugurating the celebration of a solemn High Mass in St Mary’s Cathedral on St Patrick’s Day 1885.

Over time the day’s events changed from an Irish nationalist and political day into an occasion ‘for the demonstration of Irish Catholic power and respectable assimilation’ as well as ‘for the affirmation of Irish Catholic solidarity. On 16 August 1911, he was found dead in his room. Born in County Cork, Ireland in 1864, Daniel Mannix studied for the Catholic priesthood at Maynooth seminary (County Kildare) and was ordained in 1890. A gifted scholar and theologian, he became a member of the teaching staff at Maynooth in 1895, gained appointment as the seminary’s president in 1903. He was consecrated a bishop in 1912. During the 1916 he made history by doing conscription campaign, Mannix argued that Australia was already doing enough to help the British.

only speaking publicly twice, he became the government’s scapegoat for the ballot’s narrow defeat.Men and women do make history from the bible to Australia and all over the world. For the future I think people that are 100% devoted to their faith and believe they are doing right have the ability to change/make history just like Padre Pio, a perfect example.


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