Mekar Mushroom is an innovative

Mekar Mushroom is an innovative product that you can grow and harvest your own mushroom in a box at home. The brand Mekar Mushroom means that ‘Bloom’ and Fresh mushroom. The target audience of this product are for those who love to eat mushroom, people who like to grow and harvest their own mushroom and also suitable for kids’ observation project. Mekar Mushroom also can be a part of decoration for example in the kitchen, at the balcony and dining room .

Mekar Mushroom is easy, user friendly and value for money. This product is 100% naturally made in process without preservatives and chemicals added. The tagline is Grow your Own Mushroom represents how the consumer can grow and harvest their own mushroom at home.

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Mekar Mushroom is innovative ,fun, unique, eco – friendly and handy product. It can provide the consumer with fresh and clean mushroom anytime and anywhere. The Mekar Mushroom starter pack kit completes with manual how to grow and harvest mushroom at home. The pack requires consumer to spray twice daily .The perfect growing conditions are created by humid layers of vermiculite and perlite, and a special grow packaging that also can use for decoration. After several days, estimated 10days, the consumer can harvest and enjoy their mushroom freshly.

One pack can be reused up to 5 to 6 times. The Mekar Mushroom available in three types of mushroom Grey Oyster Mushroom, Abalone Mushroom and Enoki Muhsroom.


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