Medtronic’s management, tuition reimbursements, and discounts on

Medtronic’s demonstrates compassion and care for their employees, their well-being it’s important. Medtronic is incorporating different features in their benefit and compensation plan. This will support the employee in health aspect of their life.

At this time Medtronic is currently offering limited vision and hearing services, there is no dental plan in place and the current health plan lacks medical savings and flexibility. A recommendation could be that a well-established wellness program be implemented. Providing a corporate well-ness plan that offers, memberships to gyms, support services mental health, stress management, tuition reimbursements, and discounts on health regimens. “The goal is creating a culture where employees choose to live a healthier lifestyle, rather than being forced to do so.

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Wellness works best when the experience is a shared one either through communal goals or — taking the opposite approach — pitting employees against each other to create healthy competition” (Rothfeld, 2015) Business are evolving on an everyday basis, so its employees. Medtronic can offer the wellness plan and see how much the employees can and will benefit. My current employer has a wellness plan implemented. They gave all employees Fitbit Trackers to assist in maintaining a healthy life style.

Also, since I live in Florida, they help for their employees that live in a hurricane and or flooding area by providing time paid to their staff before, during and after the storms. The company was able to reduce the cost of monthly premiums by $25.00 if not a smoker. They offer tuition reimbursements, reduced gym membership fees and or reimbursements, also provided are social services that employees and families can take advantage of, stress and anger management, mental health, weight loss programs and a few others. The employees feel fortunate to have a company that assist them when needed. Providing these perks or services the employees are more productive at work and enjoy coming to work.

Of course, these services that are offered is not mandatory or an obligation to join it’s completely if the employee wishes to join. “an employer: may not require any employee to participate; may not deny any employee who does not participate in a wellness program access to health coverage or prohibit any employee from choosing a particular plan; and may not take any other adverse action or retaliate against, interfere with, coerce, intimidate, or threaten any employee who chooses not to participate in a wellness program or fails to achieve certain health outcomes.” (U.S.

Equally Employment Opportunity Commision)


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