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It is estimated that by 2020 there will be a shortage of approximately 90,000 Hessians, which is a growth of nearly 30,000 from 201 5 according to the Wall Street Journal (WAS, 2013).

Due to this influx of millions of patients in the healthcare system physicians are forced to see as many patients as possible in a day cutting the appointment times down to 10-15 minutes often giving the patients the feeling they are seen in a conveyor belt type of setting.As a result patients are not receiving the care and attention they need and desire and physicians are receiving lower reimbursement rates and are flat out getting burnt out. Due to these exhausting circumstances some physicians eave moved to a “concierge” modeled healthcare practice which often means the physicians case load is lower, they often only see premium or private pay patients and as a result are able to have more of a hands on and quality care approach to their extended time with the patients.Patients perks to this concierge approach is that the physician are more accessible through email, phone 24/7, are often available for same day appointments and available for more face to face interaction at appointment times lasting between 45-60 minutes.

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As a physician the perks include lower amount of client, more one n one time to better know and serve patient for equal or even higher pay. For this concept to work in Dry.Greens office, the facility would have to cut the current patient census down between a quarter and a half of its current occupancy resulting in 625-1250 patients to each physician. The easiest way to do so would be by no longer accepting Medicaid, charity care or any other lower income funding and focusing on Medicare, private insurances and private pay client. There would also be an annual fee affiliate to retain the physician, for $3,000 annually or $300 monthly the patient will remain on the Hispanic case load and receive the benefit of the concierge services, resulting in $1. -$3.

7 million in annual retainer per physician. Moving toward with longer appointment goal the physicians will personally see between eight and ten patients daily as a pose to the 30-32 patients most physician see daily. In terms of facility staffing the facility would no longer need to seek additional aid as the patient caseload would decrease significantly, I would recommend having one medical assistant per physician with an additional PR medical assistant to cover vacations and sick time.Although physicians will be more available medical assistants will aid in patient check in, examinations, scheduling of appointments, order processing, filing and other duties where applicable. An office manager will also be necessary to process billing, maintain accounts payable and receivable, employee scheduling, records upkeep and general daily management of medical facility.With such a drastic change in the facility there will be additional expenses affiliated with marketing, the public will need to be educated and inspired to join this exceptional and exclusive method of healthcare. Dependent on the growth ND demand of this patient focused approach to healthcare the facility would have the opportunity to bring on an additional physician and grow into the adjoining building as well as continue to donate its annual immunization clinic to the community.

With the increase in demand for healthcare across the United States a concierge approach will not aid in decreasing the basic need for quality physicians and would even likely aid in the problem but for those physician that make the move they will likely receive the same amount of pay for what will likely be more satisfying and less stressful work. Ethically peaking denying low income or poverty stricken families the access to this level could have negative repercussions within a community and possibly deny the facility access to grants and other possible funding.Another possible pit fall to this form of healthcare is that patients can become too reliant on their physicians and their accessibility or a patient not talking their illness serious because they know they can see the physician the following day.

Ultimately the ability to have a reduced caseload and to have the time to better know and properly diagnose the patients out weighs the possible active aspects. The concierge healthcare model means that a patient will receive an increases access to their physicians via phone, email, text even in person as well as increased face to face contact through increase appointment time.The physician will see less patients decreasing their caseload thus increasing their ability to focus and see cases through to completion ultimately giving more complete and meaningful work to the physician. Moving forward in the concierge healthcare model will do all of the same for Dry. Greens office but will also decrease the facilities current encores to increase staffing to aid with caseload as the caseload would decrease with the change which will mean minimal staffing for more in depth personal care.

This method will also aid in decreasing Dry. Greens patient load and stress while allowing him to care for the people he holds dear in his community and form new bonds with the CEO and staff of executives. Although there are both pros and cons to the concierge approach to healthcare for those that can afford it and want more dedicated time and physicians that desire a decreased caseload and possible more meaningful ark concierge healthcare is the way to go.

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