Medical the whole person. Our Mission: To

Medical Office Group Project In our group we decided to do a Family Practice office. The name of our office is Family Forte’. Here we offer a variety of diverse services that focuses on the whole person. Our Mission: To provide outstanding and excellent patient care. Our Vision: Our Family Clinic is a top healthcare provider. Our team provides empathetic and wide-ranging healthcare services.

We honor distinctiveness, empower people through open and candid communication and strive to earn the faith of everyone we serve. Our Values:• Excellence in Medical Care• Serving Patients as People and Reverence Their Humanity• Team Vow to Admiration, Communication, and Diversity • Advocating for the Physicians and Healthcare Workers in the CommunityOur facility follows the procedures of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) for our disabled patients. The ADA is a civil rights act that became a law in 1990. (ADA National Network , 2018).

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It was passed so that individuals with infirmities would not be distinguished against. The laws contain all areas of life such as; communal life, jobs, institutes, transference, and all shared and secluded places that are wide open to the public. The main resolution of this law is to make sure that people who have incapacities are treated equally and have the same probabilities as everyone else. (ADA National Network , 2018) In 2008 there was another bill signed into law; it was called the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Acts (ADAAA). This law became effective in January 2009, it came with a lot of significant changes to the definition of “disability.

” (ADA National Network , 2018). This amendment to the law includes: • Title I: Employment practices of private employers with 15 or more employees, state and local governments, employment agencies, labor unifications, representatives of the employer and joint management labor committees.• Title II: State and Local Government Programs and activities of state and local administration entities.• Title III: Public Accommodations Private entities that are considered places of public accommodation. • Title IV: Telecommunications requires telephone and internet companies to provide a nationwide system of interstate and intrastate of telecommunications.• Title V: Miscellaneous Provisions contains a wide variety of provisions relating to the ADA.

(ADA National Network , 2018) How we can ensure we are doing everything that as needed to follow Americans Disability Act is by going to (U.S.

Department of Justice, 2010). Full and equal access to their health care services and facilities. We must also provide reasonable modifications to polices, practices, and procedures when necessary to make health care services fully available to individuals with disabilities, unless the modifications would fundamentally alter the nature of the services. All exam rooms must provide reachable route to and through the room, an entry door with adequate clear width, maneuvering clearance, and accessible hardware. They must also provide appropriate models and placement of accessible examination equipment, adequate clear floor space inside the room for side transfers and use of lift equipment.

Accessible medical equipment tables and chairs must have the ability to lower to the height of the wheelchair seat. Which is usually 17-19 inches from the floor. They also must have the elements to stabilize and support a person during transfer and while on the table, such as rails, straps, stabilization cushions, wedges, or rolled up towels. Any other transfer techniques such as gurneys or stretchers. All bathrooms must be equipped with handrails and are handicapped accessible.

The parking lots must have handicap parking spots with wheelchair accessibilities such as ramps, to enter and exit the building. You should give all employees training on the ADA and how to handle situations with disabled patients. When giving this assignment we all learned each other’s strengthens and how to fit them in to this group project. Jennifer has excellent communication skills and is also a very talented artist, so she drew our office for us. Denise quality of honesty helped her put our brochure together.

My role in tactics helped with writing this assignment. Finally, Jasmine has dedication as a strengthen that allowed her to put our PowerPoint and blueprint for our office together. As Medical Assistants we must learn and understand how to be a team player. With this assignment it helped us learn how to come together and create a well-organized and developed office along with all the other parts that were included in this assignment.


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