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Medical Marijuana in the Workplace
Marissa TocknellSoutheastern Oklahoma State University
Medical Marijuana in the Workplace
Several states are passing laws that make the use of marijuana legal when used in conjunction with certain medical problems. The issue lies with the employer to determine their stance, legally and ethically, on the use of marijuana by its current and future employees. Employers in states where medical marijuana is legal will be faced with issues on whether to hire an applicant who tested positive for marijuana and are under the care of physician or for current employees that began using marijuana after their employment under the direction of a physician. Even in states where medical marijuana has been legalized for at least a decade, enforcement of the issue remains inconsistent. CITATION Cal11 l 1033 (Calvasina, 2011)Marijuana has been classified by the federal government as a Schedule I controlled substance under the Federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970. CITATION Sea06 l 1033 (Seamon, 2006) According to the act, any Schedule I classified drug is said to have “a high potential for abuse,” “no currently accepted medical use in treatment for the United States,” and “a lack of accepted safety for use.” CITATION Sea06 l 1033 (Seamon, 2006) Simply put, marijuana is illegal according to the federal government. At the end of 2011, fourteen states have passed laws legalizing medical marijuana with fourteen more with pending legislation or ballot measures to legalize medical marijuana. CITATION Cal11 l 1033 (Calvasina, 2011)

BIBLIOGRAPHY Calvasina, G. (2011). Human resource management policy and practice issues and medical marijuana. Journal of Management and Marketing Research, 8.

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