Medical marijuana essay

It can help in addressing some health conditions, creation Of jobs for thousands of people, helping the country to meet some of its debt, helps save millions of available acres in forestry besides continued raising the status of the country. The increased revenue can be used in improving infrastructure in the country. The discussion in this paper will discuss the reasons as to why marijuana should be legalized in the country. The discussion will be biased on the medicinal value of marijuana and how it can save the nation millions of dollars when legalized.

Discussion The scientific name of Marijuana is Cannabis Static. The drugs have been under debated, attracting the attention of a number of scholars to write and publish papers about it. The plantation of Marijuana can be traced back in 2700 B. C. In China. The first nurturing of plants took place in 1611 by the settlers at the Jamestown. These settlers used the hemps which were obtained from the fibers of the stem in making the canvas and the ropes. In some societies, marijuana is referred to as a weed and in those societies it is used in the making of clothing since it was regarded as being durable. Tucker, 201 0) The consumption of Marijuana became evident in the early entries when there was scarcity for alcohol which is a perfect substitute for it. Apart from marijuana, the use of other drugs rose during this time and was reported to be posing a bigger problem in the United States. This paper believes that the united States is one of the countries that will highly benefit it from the legalization of the wed. It is one of the highly used controlled substance in the country.

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Given the fact that it is used frequently one wonders why it can be legalized so that the government can get more revenue and then fund some of the development agenda. Selling Marijuana an also help in raising the economy of the nation. Given that the country is having billions of dollars in debts, trading in Marijuana will be a perfect chance to help it settle some of these debts. The government will be in a position to monitor the people dealing in drug just like any other business and it will have to get an official license from the governments trade departments.

Medical marijuana has in the past been known to helping patients with different terminal illness to be in a position to handle pain and nausea. A number of studies that have been conducted indicate that it makes t possible for patients to be sin a position to eat and keep their food down. This will enable them add weight. There is a chemical in marijuana which is active called TECH which is what makes it possible for the patients to manage pain for a number of illnesses. Other studies have proved that when patients are given marijuana it results to the cells going through a process referred to as autopsy.

This helps by making the cancerous cells feed on each other which will leave other healthy cells alone. Marijuana has also been proved to help in keeping Alchemist’s patients from getting any worse. The mentioned TECH above has the capability of capturing the formation of any plague in the brain. (Airline, 2005) Various criminal captivities will be affected in positive ways. Police officers spend a lot of money in dealing wilt those consuming it. According to this paper, this is a clear indication of misdirected funds since the government has got a number of problems which the country is facing.

In the US, the police come into encounter with the marijuana after every 45 seconds. A number of these Offenders often receive small fines and seldom get themselves in jail as a result of our jails which are in poor notations. When consumption of Marijuana is legalized then the police, will be in a position to deal with real offenders and the money can be then diverted to train people son how to smoke it responsibly. Those trading in drugs illegally will be fully eliminated and the hide and seek game that costs the tax payers a lot of money will be reduced.

The legalizing of Marijuana will see large acres of forests which are being destroyed daily are saved. The hemps which came from Marijuana can be used four times in making of paper as compared to trees. Since it take trees more than 10 years to grow, Arizona can take a week and then it is cut. Marijuana can be cut four times in a month. Industries will be frequently sufficient of the raw materials required for the production process. This will make some species to continue having a life in our environment instead of going extinction. Klein 1) Some people have a deceptive belief that only the pitheads smoke marijuana. A stead conducted last year, it was realized that nearly ten million people smoked marijuana on regular basis. Most of them were citizens who strictly followed the law. If the government authorities really wanted to control the institution of marijuana, they can easily heck the farmers and traders in a more transparent and professional manner. Advertisements will be run to help in informing the public on the health related issues involved.

Smokers will feel safe they smoke and will not fear the risk of beings arrested since they will be acting within the law. (Moral, MacAfee, and Paddock 1495) The proponents of drug legalization argue that it could reduce costs and also raise tax revenues while the opponents worry about the health and social ills. Studies show that the state spends almost $41. 3 Billion annually on drug wars. Therefore legalizing drugs will mean the state saving similar amount. Out of the total a savings, $25. 7 billion will go to the local and state government while $15. 6 billion will accrue to the federal government.

Drug legalization will lead to an upsurge in the tax revenue which are generated by the sales of the legalized products brought in the market place. Statistics indicate that a tax level of $46. 7 billion annually with the assumption that the drugs were taxed similar to those of tobacco and alcohol. (Tucker, 201 0) The legalization of drugs by the state and federal reduces deficits through the limitation of expenditure on the prohibition of the enforcement. The legalization would lead to the production of much saving which mean decentralization which literally means repealing all the criminal penalties against things like drug smuggling.

Legalization of marijuana will be of importance sin that it will ease the pain that is caused by cancer, AIDS and also in the curing of glaucoma. The data obtained from the National Cancer Institute indicates that Marijuana is good when it comes to the blocking against vomiting, nausea and loss of appetite with the chemotherapy of the patients. Marijuana has been believed to be aging muscle strain which is associated with the multiple sclerosis. If records and research has proved that marijuana is the only best drug that can help in easing pain then the government should just legalize it.

Only those who have experienced pain and used Marijuana should complain that it does not help in relieving the patient. A number of studies have indicated that Marijuana is much safer as compared to the consumption of tobacco or even alcohol even those other drugs which have been prescribed to replace marijuana. In 2009, there was a study conducted by the Department of Health and Human tidies published that 69. 7 million Americans and current users of various products of tobacco and that at least 100 people lose their lives on daily basis for different incidences related illness.

The study showed 15 million Americans abuse alcohol and that there are 550 accidents which are related to incidences of drinking alcohol on annual basis. The result indicated that 4. 2 million Americans abuse marijuana and there are less than 20 drug related deaths on an annual basis. Followings number of scientific studies conducted, it has been proved that Marijuana is not toxic to human beings and over sees incidences are almost impossible. Despite the fact that there are a number of drugs which are based on marijuana, they are a lot of side effects which associated with them as opposed to the actual marijuana.

Some of the side effects of Marino’ include sudden warm feeling, weakness, stomach pain, memory loss, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, confusion, anxiety, feeling like being outside the body, unsteady thinking, hallucinations, strange unusual thoughts, last of pounding heartbeats among other feelings. The sesames are also associated with some Of the side effects which includes dizziness, unsteady walking, drowsiness, dizziness, headache, sleep, drowsiness, changes in appetite, elevated mood, depression, confusion, depression, changes in appetite, dry mouth, fast heart beat, hallucinations, and difficulty in thinking clearly and remaining real.

Marijuana presents effects to people differently but some individuals might feel some of the following effects, dry mouth, drowsiness, thirst, hunger, giddiness, red eyes, insomnia, short term memory loss, respiratory issues, uneasiness and anxiety. Despite the fact that there are other side effects which have been stated, some scientists argue hat they are normal side effects which can be brought by any other drug. (Airline, 2005) Legalization will eliminate arrests for the drug traffickers beside the arrests for the simple possession of drugs. It also saves the prosecutorial incarceration and judicial expenses.

It will also allow the taxation of drug production and sales. Arguments against Most of the arguments which have been brought Marijuana are mainly anchored on moral battle especially from the religious groups with no clear scientific support on it. The arguments do not present facts on drug which can harm. The opponents hold that the immediate long term effect of marijuana might be dreadful if not dealt with. They present some of the immediate effects Of marijuana which includes paranoia, psychotic episodes, hallucinations, among others, also, the stimulant psychosis may also be experienced.

Despite the fact that’s psychosis is mainly seen in persons using drugs and taking large dose of the same, in very few cases, it might also occur in patients who are taking therapeutic doses under medical supervision. This shows that persons who are using marijuana to control vomiting and nausea associated with chemotherapy, stimulate appetite and analgesia among other lines of clinical uses also entails the risk of stimulant psychosis. Another side effect that has been explained by many is the mood swings which are common amongst the users.

The brain often gets addicted to the artificial high which is produced by the drug. Mood swings mostly comes when there is a psychological withdrawal. In worse scenario, smoking marijuana may result into the worsening of mental problems and depression. It has also been indicated to be impairing the motor ability. A study test conducted by he Department of Transport in a closed driving course for three hours; there was a decreased handling performance by the driver impaired time and distance estimation, subjective sleepiness, inability to make headway’s, motor coordination among others.

Another immediate effect is increased appetite. This is what may result for mulches. Research has proven that cannabis triggers the sweat and a desire to having fatty foods which might likely result into the weight increase. Smoke marijuana also increases the caloric intake in the body. (Klein 2009) Marijuana is believed to be a main gateway drug which s being pushed to be socially accepted. Despite the campaigns held, it is a fact that marijuana is illegal. It is likely that long time use of marijuana might addict someone to have the urge Of using other hard drugs.

The abuse of cannabis appears as an active corporation- releasing factor. This chemical which increases during times of stress can result into subtle brain disruption processes which are primed for an easy and further disruption by other drugs. Statistics also indicate that Marijuana being grown today is more addictive than the one which was grown previously. According to the Centre on addiction and Substance abuse at Columbia, it is argued that children who use Marijuana are 85% likely to use cocaine and heroin as compare to non marijuana users with 90% who smoke marijuana either drunk or smoked before. Moral, MacAfee, and Paddock 1496) Conclusion A myriad of people have stereotypical image when it comes to the use of Marijuana. They have been brain washed to believe that Marijuana harmful and is only meant for thugs. One factor that these paper treats important is the fact that Marijuana might be having side effects just like any other drugs hen excessively consumed; therefore a general conclusions should not be made that Marijuana is harmful to the health. It is only dangerous when excessively consumed.

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