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MedeaIn the play Medea, there is a lot of violence from women, especially from Medea.She gets her revenge and then some. After finding out that her husband Jason has left her, and plans to marry already to another woman named Glauce, daughter of Creon, the king of Corinth.Her plan was to destroy Jason’s life, and kill him.Well her plan changed, but his life would never be the same again.I do think that she went crazy during the whole thing, she would blame him for making her leave her home land, and leave everything behind where she was in love and did it her self, she was mad at him for making her change her life so much, have his two boys, she took care of them, and she didn’t think It was right for him to just leave her, and go to another woman.

Where if she wanted to she wouldn’t be allowed, and to top it all off she was going to be kicked out of the city by the king, but she was able to beg him to allow one more day to prepare to leave, which she really used to plan her revenge.Somewhere along the way she got the powers of the gods, and they helped her out a lot with the whole plan.She ended up poisoning the princess Jason’s soon to be new wife, and the king then dyed because to held his daughter trying to comfort her as she died, and he died with her.She also became so crazy if it wasn’t enough to kill Jason’s new wife, and father in-law, but she killed her own kids, Jason’s son’s just to get revenge, I would say that’s a little bit more that just the standard revenge.I really don’t think that all the violence was deserved, that type of thing happened all the time in that time, women where treated as property and could be thrown away, and a new one would take her place right away.

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I guess in a crazy kind of way she was justified in what she did but, she had gone crazy with thinking she gave up so much for him, where at the time she chose to because she loved him. She was used to being treated like a queen, and now she was thrown away and lied to.She felt betrayed, like he had never cared for her.The death of the her children was not the answer to her anger, but because the king was kicking her.

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