Measuring Biodiversity: There are various mathematical ways of measuring biodiversity, which calculate the number of species diversity in different regions. The measure of diversity of species is also known as species richness. For the purposes of targeted analysis, and the creation of indicators to measure or monitor trends, precisely how biodiversity is defined will influence what is measured (Baillie et al. 2008, and Butchart et al. 2010).

Biodiversity indicators intention at using quantitative statistics to measure aspects of biodiversity, ecosystem condition, services, and drivers of change. This advances perception of how biodiversity is altering over time and space, why it is changing, and what the penalties of the adjustments are for ecosystems, their services, and human well-being. The massive variety of factors included in the definition of biodiversity consequences in a diverse set of methodologies to measure the natural environment (Purvis, and Hector, 2000).

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There is no unified metric for quantitative measurement (Lyashevska, and Farnsworth 2012).


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