Measurable Annual Goals essay

Skill Area Goal Recommended Instructional Methods Recommended Instructional Materials Recommended Method of Evaluation Reading 1 . Susan will be able to identify 15-20 sight words. In what period of time?Using what text? How often? How will you teach Susan to identify these sight words? What materials do you need her to accomplish this? Maybe a tracking chart. Observation & record.

Progress monitoring. Notes: Examples: Skill areas: academic, social, daily living, leisure, transition Instructional Method: modeling, guided practice, reinforcements, drill and practice, use of manipulative, direct instruction, learning strategies, differentiation approach, hanging, whole language approach.Instructional materials: textbooks, supporting materials, manipulative, concrete materials Methods of evaluation: observation, work samples, unit tests, surveys, interviews, criterion referenced tests, student portfolios, or checklists (performance assessment form).

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