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Discuss Tests spiritual response to her challenges and comment on how this relates to the challenges we face today. How did she find meaning in life, what were her spiritual practices, how did she integrate these into her life, what effects did her faith have on the way she lived, and which, if any, of these practices would be suitable for you? Answer: Teat was a Jewish woman with a lot of courage and the effectiveness in her. Teat initially struggled a lot in her life simply to understand what was actually happening in her own words, to “take everything in. She analyzed that though my mind has already reached to terms with it all, but my body still has not. It has been disintegrated and diversified in a thousand of categorical pieces, and each piece consists a different kind of pain in it. ” Sometimes, she felt “sick to a point and totally confused, and full of fear and uncertainty”‘.

But on the other hand she was actually aware that “something in me is growing in a speedy manner like an organic process, or self certainty. Challenges: 1) Increasing dependency of life on inner aspects and thoughts and the outer aspects and activities matters very less. ) The inner strength is really worth lull and effective to show the outer strength in a positive manner and with the help of various creative thoughts. This leads the motivational force in a particular individual to get self ignited to perform or to deliver any activity for the optimal and efficient performance at par. 3) Tests relationship was really suffering badly in its initial stage it had a determination not to let her enthusiasm, spirit, aliveness, be affected and hindered by it.

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She steadily came to an acceptance of universal truth that death and suffering as an integral part of the experience of the life, and recognized the consequences f the life as the suffering from any integral issues and to get influenced with that. 4) The most important source of this particular problem, she realized and concluded, is our ideas and thoughts about suffering from it rather than the suffering itself: “man suffers most through his fears of particular suffering. ” Teat was facing these types of situational and integral challenges from the instances that were happening with her.At each stage of life she was getting a new concept and truth of life. She was not even aware of these consequences and the results that may happen with anyone.

And unfortunately she was the one, who was running up with all these situational challenges. This was like a greatest challenge for her to accept these consequences and the challenges at a time. And very soon Teat came to understand that “we have to accept death as a part of our life. Teat also became aware of the interconnectedness of the interior life and the real life happenings in the world with her life.She even wrote, “we carry everything within us, God and Heaven and Hell .

.. That does not mean we cannot devote our own life to actually curing the bad. But at the same time we must begin with ourselves, each and every day anew. In her one Of the letters Teat related a conversation she previously had with a friend at Westbrook in which she said, we all have so much of work to do on and for ourselves we shouldn’t even be thinking of hating or fighting with our enemies, each of us must turn inward and destroy in himself first whatever he/she thinks he/she ought to destroy it in others.She also developed an inner resilience that actually enabled her to cope up with all these suffering and odd situation that are really making her weak from her internal sources of motivation and strength.

Teat says that acceptance of people, surrounding, things around us would not be bounded as per any conditions or situations. But it should be very open and flexible to all people. This would make the surrounding and the environment more friendly and acceptable by the people to make it more livelihood and comfortable and a better place to live with.Tests strong and effective awareness allows her to discover the precious resources of God’s inevitable presence within and how it carries over to an acceptance by the people, and also by remaining in the now, she can now cope up with anything or everything life brings her from without.

This is a true love that expresses ND explains the way God is with her and for her. We can easily listen and understand this desire in her prayer: Oh Lord, let me feel at one with myself. Let me perform a thousand daily tasks with love.But let everyone spring from a great central core of devotion and love (70) This may be seen in the vision and the long term perspective from Tests point of view about life. It really made her strong and effective to make a new move in life with these spiritual aspects and power within her. After getting these all happenings, Teat got to know about the spiritual actions and the reaction and effectiveness of those actions in our life. Since, she was facing such kind of trouble and although she could get out of these after making a spiritual and ideological thought and the activities.

We all have faced these kind of situation somewhere, sometimes related with some causes and its effect. That actually made us weak and in trouble. But rather than getting depressed we should look forward and be confident about the self confidence and self effectiveness.

This is the only key to get out of all those troubles in the life. Not only few but all the spiritual practices followed by Teat may work for the effectiveness and efficient living of our life without any fear and issues. Spirituality makes us focused and strong from inner strength to get up and start a new way to reach the goal of life.

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