McDonald S Dusty Bryan essay

Ray Crock was just a man with a dream when he purchased McDonald’s hamburgers from Richard and Maurice McDonald for just 2.

7 million dollars in 1961. There have been many ups and downs for the world’s largest fast food chain, but never the less it still remains the king of fast food with over 31 ,OHO restaurants in 118 different countries. In the film “super-size me” the show that the McDonald’s spokesperson and mascot “Ronald McDonald was more recognized around the world than Jesus Christ!That is just mudslinging that a food establishment has grown so large it has more of an impact around the world than a major religion. This case study contributes to strategic management, because McDonald’s is the definition of globalization and international expansion. Like I mentioned earlier, McDonald’s has made a major impact all over the globe. There is not a major city in the world that doesn’t have at least one McDonald’s in it. 118 countries have a McDonald’s; there are only 196 countries worldwide.

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McDonald’s has perfected how to expand your brand and product through international barriers.Even though they receive a lot of hate and criticism for offering unhealthy food, no one is forcing you to eat their food. People eat their food because it is cheap and delicious; they just want to point the finger at something or someone because they lack self-control or are bad parents and do not feed their children fast food in moderation. I applaud McDonald’s for becoming the world’s largest fast food chain, but also feel like that is part of their problem. McDonald’s is essentially cannibalizing its profits for having far too many restaurants.

Here inGreenwood, South Carolina we have 3 different McDonald’s restaurants in about a 10 mile radius. If you removed one of those restaurants you would see the other two restaurants’ profits increase dramatically. McDonald’s would also benefit by keeping their menu simple and not overcrowding their options. If McDonald’s wants to offer more healthy options they should turn some of their existing restaurants into a “diet McDonald’s”.

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