Essay was prophecised that he would became Thane

Essay title: McBeth

At the start of this trajedy Macbeth was seen by all as a hero but that would soon change. After a fearce battle he met three witches, the people who would start him on his path of corruption. These whitches told him a prophecy that would make him commit heinous crimes to fulfill it. It was prophecised that he would became Thane of Cawdor. This had already been decided and was supposed to make him believe anything else they would say. Also it was told he would become king of Scotland.

This statement would eventually lead him on his way to commit treason,the murder of a king and a friend.There is another large reason that Macbeth carried out these gruesome acts. That reason would be Lady Macbeth also known as his wife. She too in the oppening of the story was similar to Macbeth, a patriot who would never dream of performing treasonous acts. When Macbeth explained to her what the witches had told him and that the king was coming to their castle tonight she became a different person.

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She was willing to do anything it took to get her husband to slay Duncan and become the next king of Scotland. She questioned his manhood and would eventually help cary out the murder. through out the entire story she was there helping him make all of the wrong decisions and pushing him further off the deep end.

The largest tributary of Macbeth's colapse was himself. There were many other factors like the witches and his wife but in the end it was his choice to execute these horrific crimes. With out the witches or his wife none of this would.

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